General Election 2019

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  • I think my mum would make him get interim.

  • I had thought it more likely that Starmer would be the Blair figure in a few years, whilst at the minute they're looking for a Kinnock.

  • I'm not necessarily suggesting that someone stands as "interim" leader. Just someone who promises to put themself up for re-election by 2022.

  • Yes - interim is the wrong phrase. It's a long term post, but might not be one that can expect to win the next election easily.

  • I think this is the most sensible option. Along with bringing voices from across the party spectrum to the fore.

  • Not much discussion about the bookies favourite (albeit slightly ahead of starmer) Rebecca Long-Bailey. I think she would be an appalling choice, the corbyn continuity candidate

  • Agree. She would be another nail in the almost fully-nailed shut Labour coffin.

  • I've been trying to take the temperature from the red-book banging corbynistas at my inner london council. TBH, im not getting much, they all seem dazed and traumatised.

  • Genuine question: what's wrong with her?

  • The perception is she is too far left. Also, her position that Corbyn has changed UK politics is just nonsense.

  • Just someone who promises to put themself up for re-election by 2022.

    Not sure many would queue up to do that tbh.

  • It's a tactic to win as the compromise candidate when the electorate is split down the middle.

  • Whats the perception based on?

  • and who perceives it?

  • So the Tories voluntarily gave up austerity, and decided to make a big show of funding the NHS because it was the right thing to do?

  • No kids cos I'm gay and that's a good excuse not to but pretty much ;)

    I do think though it's a point that somehow still seems to get missed by many. As is their legacy beyond the Iraq war.

  • PR and a massively generous devolution deal for Scotland seems to be the only way to lock the tories out.


  • She was absolutely woeful. A characteristic too common with Labour MPs of late.

    You're not a Labour voter though are you? Didn't you vote for Brexit?

    (Sorry if I'm getting mixed up, but we all know Brexit-voting Labour voters live in Northern towns).

  • Just because some very rich people live there doesn't mean it's not shit for others

    Right but it was the claim that the majority of residents live in housing estates which surprised me. Especially given how densely covered it is with terraces which are largely houses or converted flats, not to mention new apartment blocks.

  • gay

    Didn't a Tory government put forward the same sex marriage bill? And I'm sure they've got more gay MPs.

  • Also worth pointing out that many of those estates have had huge investment and pretty nice with excellent playgrounds, outdoor spaces, etc.

    But this, when I read it it this am, sound a bit like "I don't understand, Islington is rich, and those estates look nice".
    I just wanted to highlight how grim it can be.


  • Underated comment.

  • Dear Boris, please stop asking me to "come together with you" now that you've got a majority and passed your shitty deal. If you wanted me to come together with you, you would have put something through that at least pretended to be some sort of compromise with lefties/Remainers, instead of making the bill worse than ever since you wormed your way back into no. 10.

    Shove it up your arse.

  • Didn't a Tory government put forward the same sex marriage bill? And I'm sure they've got more gay MPs.

    I believe they refer to them as tank topped bum boys

  • Hmm. Much as I’d want to see a left-leaning leader, albeit one with a lot more nous than JC, I think Starmer would agree to run in an attempt to stabilise the party for a couple of years. I worry that he’d lead it back to a Blairite Tory-lite direction if left in position for long but tbh the party needs to get back on its feet and win back those who deserted in droves. Once the Brexit shitshow really kicks in, those people might see the error of their ways more easily with Starmer at the helm.

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General Election 2019

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