General Election 2019

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  • Swansea is a city, though a small one. It's Brexit central, like the rest of Wales (except Cardiff).

  • There's absolutely no guarantee that those things will happen. Economic demise is probably 50/50

  • True. I guess I meant London really.

  • Not true, it’s going to hurt- the only question is how much.

  • Time will tell how much and who takes the lion share.

  • Well yes, also water is wet.

  • The regions that formed the broken red wall and voted Conservative or the Brexit Party will be hurt most. And they will continue to vote for their class enemies (don't like to use that term too much but I think it's true in this context) as they will develop propaganda to blame someone else.

    Free higher education, opportunity, investment in public services and resultant true social mobility would help solve these problems, I believe. But that will never happen under the Conservatives.

    What was that George Carlin diatribe about the owners of the people and deliberate lack of education opportunities?

  • 40 years since a Labour politician who wasn't Tony Blair won an election is quite sobering.

  • RE: Wales, an article from 2016 that I found quite fascinating:
    View from Wales: town showered with EU cash votes to leave EU.

  • 40 years since a Labour politician who wasn't Tony Blair won an election is quite sobering.


  • Everything lately has largely benefited city dwellers.

    But the farmers are already panicking about getting seasonal workers / vets.

    Still voted en masse for brexit as they believed the utter crap system that deals with subsidies is the fault of the EU / they can find new markets even though most of those are covered via EU agreements.

    Local investment makes sense, countryside Vs city is a really divide but again, misdiagnosis of the cause can make things worse.

    Most fisherman here are immigrants as well, yet Kilkeel voted to leave the EU.

  • The choice for fishermen is especially stark- agree to continued EU fleet access to UK waters or lose market access for whatever they catch.

    They very best they can hope for is what they have today, and in future that might be taken away because we failed to process data correctly.

  • Imagine if you thought your life was shit and then clever fuckers from the city said things like "the very best you can hope for is what you have today"

  • 40 years ago Thatcher won.
    it's 44 years since non-Blair Labour won a general election.

  • I’d be cross, but it doesn’t make it any less true that I’ve voted to make my life harder, best case, or untenable, worst case.

  • Revolution?

  • And I can’t help but point out that some “clever city fuckers” voted to make fishermen poorer as well. Part of the reason I think Brexit will feature significant civil unrest at points as reality bites.

  • The (faux) revolution happened. It was called Brexit and GE2019.

    Britain is now incapable of a true revolution. The general population has been domesticated and brainwashed.

  • Might be some parallels between Brexit and the poll-tax that could become interesting

  • these red hot takes all seem to miss the mark for me. each of the LAB>CON constituencies that have made up the so much of this post-election coverage has its own story. i live in bury south and spend a lot of time in bury north and burnley, for example. none of these has a precisely similar trajectory.

    i will say that nothing - nothing - gets people from outside london riled up more than people in london saying they're thick.

    i'd urge some people to get their heads out of their arses.

    quick show of hands: who's ever lived in one of these LAB>CON constituencies on here?

  • sorry - i'm in a shit mood

  • Doesn't show, don't worry.

  • Hmm... BBC star with a major Xmas show coming up apologises to BBC journalist who he (possibly not unfairly) called out on social media. Why am I a little suspicious? But again, Streisand effect, I wasn't even remotely aware of his attack on Kuenssberg but now I am.­ec/15/actor-mathew-horne-apologises-for-­laura-kuenssberg-plopcarpet-attack

  • That’s why I think it would be really good to have a labour leader from outside London next.

  • It's not the way to phrase it no, but one of the local politicians pointed out the risks, and not in that way.

    A person still sore about the -english- idea to buy out fishers in the 80s nu the EU wint listen. A younger fish worried about shellfish access for NI fishers did.

    If people cannot point out risks in a balanced and fair way what should they do?

    If it descends into "I won't listen cos you are city (or country, that's just as bad) cha...

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General Election 2019

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