General Election 2019

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  • How have they lost touch with core voters? Genuine question. Kate Hoey said the same on telly earlier.

  • For two weeks, my housemates and I have spent most/all of our spare time manning the phones, knocking on doors, leafletting, etc.

    Today we spent all day trying to canvas Milton Keynes North in unrelenting rain. 7 hours of putting one soggy trainer in front of the other, traversing suburbia in a last ditch attempt to save our society and our consciouses. Labour stickers on waterproof jackets, chilly hands, endless housing estates, damp paper on red clip boards, the clock ever ticking. Some people we visited were cheery and supportive, some were abusive, a few were game for meaningful chats, but many were just disinterested, over it.

    Still. Polls looked OK. The gap was closing. And we saw so many Labour volunteers - more than ever. We were cautiously hopeful. We sipped tins of beer on the train back to London and braced ourselves for the exit poll.
    We are now stunned and bitterly disappointed.

  • Milton Keynes is not Stoke on Trent, the South east Londoncentric bubble effect again in my estimation.

  • For two weeks, my housemates and I have spent most/all of our spare time manning the phones, knocking on doors, leafletting, etc.

    Thanks for all your hard work, hope you can pick yourselves up and carry on.

  • In Lanarkshire Labour previously held virtually every seat. A combination of base corruption (exposed in the expenses scandal) and taking the voters for granted did for them. The SNP (very organised with a large number of enthusiastic volunteers ) with a new leader who shifted the party to the left scooped up all of those seats

  • Bolsover looking like Con apparently.

    Skinner would've been / would be longest serving member if he's elected.

  • Let’s talk about Ed Milliband. Remember him? Last leader of the Labour Party. Jewish guy. Once ate a sandwich. He got monstered in the press because he said he might slightly tax businesses.

    Corbyn got exactly the same treatment for much longer. And he also got much worse online, where the electoral commission has no reach at all. There isn’t a left wing leader who can satisfy the Murdochs, and without the Murdochs setting the media pattern, you’re fucked.

  • Let’s talk about Ed Milliband. Remember him?

    Screwed over his more electable brother.

  • Samaritans

    Phone number

    116 123

  • That's democracy. Your political views and mine are very different but without your canvassing and effort our system wouldn't work. Labour will no doubt win an election in the near future. Blair won three in a row after Labour having years in the tory wilderness.

  • Labour will no doubt win an election in the near future

    No they won't. Johnson won twice in London, and I can't see him losing the next election, if he's still around.

  • The simple message won.

  • He won't lose the next one because he will ram through changes to fixed term parliments act and changing boundaries and it will be blue for another decade at least

  • Our political history suggests otherwise...

  • Do not despair; Labour won in 97 after four election defeats. Under Blair there was talk about the Tories never recovering. As has been pointed out, it is so, so difficult for Labour to win at all when the majority of the press are able to monster its leaders, making Ed Miliband in to some crazed radical and talking bollocks about Marxism, much as they did with Foot. And social media has only made it worse. But, there's always hope. Johnson is going to get Brexit done either by capitulating to a very soft exit or going headlong in to no deal. He will screw over the Labour voters who changed alliance this time.

  • Most labour losses so far were brexitparty, and a significant lib/green move. Fighting against the 3 percent tory move could be defeated in the future, though I hope not in giving up all socialist values.

  • It wasn't Labour that won, it was "New" Labour, and there's no way the current Labour party will turn into something resembling that. Though in these north-east seats the Tories aren't making up much ground, it's disaffected Labour voters switching to the Brexit party.

  • Not a mad dash to the Conservatives, just Labour voters heading elsewhere.

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  • It would require a hard brexit to implement any sort of socialism. The EU has strict rules on state aid. Corbyn's manifesto would have breached various EU directives and if the UK had been more aligned with the European project the rules on fiscal policy.

  • People talked about the brexit party splitting the tory vote as if it's a good thing, I guess it wasn't expected that it would split so many former Labour voters that the Conservatives would win.
    Or am I missing the mark?

  • Hmmn.. My view is that Corbyn is unelectable. A sitting duck for the press. A credible Labour leader would have vapourised May and won the last election.

  • Tony Blair sucess was as a centrist party not left like it is now. Nationionalising anything was not on the table. In the 90s people still remembered the 70s, and it's caos.
    How quickly it unravelled after Iraq and Gordon Brown take over was remarkable. David Cameron took full advantage and used the same model and moved conservatives central.
    Boris is trying to the same this election is not only about brexit but the nhs and ending austerity.

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General Election 2019

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