General Election 2019

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  • A real issue is Twitter, I think. Unconfirmed, "tweets are not official", posts can now be picked up by other news agencies and treated as if they were coming from official news sources without any journalistic due diligence.

  • "It's been reported"

    "Sources say"

    "It seems"

  • The state of the BBC in particular this election is hugely worrying.

  • She's now deleted the tweet which was proven wrong (the punch) but left the tweet which followed on from that, claiming (according to Tories, presumably the same person who told her the advisor had been punched) they'd been shipped in by labour who paid for their cabs.

    I guess journalism now works that way. You can make claims until they're proven wrong. No wonder Johnson's doing fine.

  • Classic dead cat

  • tbh the amount the left will go on about the "conspiracy" now on twitter etc is crazy - we need to move on asap and keep on at Johnson, this is obviously a weak point.

  • Agreed. Twitter must die.

  • trash site that coddles straight up fascists and bans those that challenge them. stop using it folks, they're not on your side.

  • She’s getting played so hard by the tories, her reputation is in tatters.

  • Dan Hodges deleted and apologised, so did Peston, LK just deleted.

  • tory meltdown day. you love to see it

  • She's got some brass neck:

    Labour says Tories have 'resorted to bare faced lying' over the punch,
    that turned out not to be a punch after all in the footage from the

    She was shocked, shocked to hear lies had been told. Who on earth could have done such a thing?

  • here's how to make a BBC complaint btw. it is really irresponsible journalism to tweet about labour activists lamping tories - particularly in the context of (i) labour activists having themselves already been subject to violent attacks and (ii) the senior political editor of the sun having published details on a network of left-wing activists (which he had sourced from an organisation called, um, "aryan unity"­

  • How can you fight this level of stupid? From BBC:

    Who: Gabrielle, 25, retail worker, from Birmingham

    Recent voting history: Local elections - Conservative; General elections - 2017 Conservative; 2015 Green
    What would you say to a party leader: I'd ask Jeremy Corbyn 'why do you think it is acceptable to charge the top 5% more tax when they won’t be paying much tax themselves i.e. the politicians themselves?'
    On Brexit: I voted Remain, but as the majority voted to leave, we should have followed through with it years ago when the referendum took place.

  • @bbclaurak 7m7 minutes ago More Happy to apologiSe for earlier
    confusion about the punch that wasn’t a punch outside Leeds General -
    2 sources suggested it had happened but clear from video that was

  • To be fair, the way the guy was punched was classic Labour cunning; the activist made sure that he wasn't even looking at the victim coming up behind him so that no-one would think he'd timed his attack to absolute perfection and lethality.

  • The Communist shock troops are worryingly well-trained.

  • Communist shock troops

    LoL. Fucking hell. Is Antifa - Bike Division considered a domestic terror group yet?

  • That's a rhetorical question if ever I saw one.

  • More Tory Islamophobia, but with the added twist that the Tory candidate used to be a BBC journalist...... no it’s not Kuenssberg, but I’m sure she’ll be standing for the torys at the next election­9/dec/09/tory-candidate-linden-kemkaran-­shared-tweet-claiming-muslims-play-race-­card?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

  • You won't see him being interviewed again before the election

    To be fair, Boris has got a long list of things to attend all around the country.

    All of those school nativity plays for a start...

  • pls go canvas / phone bank / ... if you care about this. (If you’re reading this, you probably do.) Get to a marginal and get the vote out on Thursday. There’s free coaches if you need. These things make a difference. is a good start.
    we can all return to being angry / frustrated / funny at our screens on Friday.

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General Election 2019

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