General Election 2019

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  • I didn’t find that particularly depressing if I’m honest.

  • ^^ Can you define 'pro-business'? Who is anti-business? What sorts of businesses? It's a term that is used without much questioning of what, if anything, it really means.

  • Iain Duncan Smith

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    Kinder, gentler politics...during #GE2019, not at all. In
    Chingford/Woodford Green we’ve had office graffiti, social media
    violent abuse/smear tactics. Latest: suspect package containing
    decomposed rat. Campaign volunteers are subjected to these
    unacceptable acts of intimidation

    Jeff Black #VoteLabour


    Replying to @MPIainDS

    And still you declared it fit for work.­969400514625536?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctw­camp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E12029694005­14625536&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thegu­­c%2F06%2Fgeneral-election-boris-johnson-­jeremy-corbyn-final-tv-debate-live-news

  • I selected it for it's vaguenss. The dude clearly has a major interest in business and economics.

    I've heard him convincing advocate the case for increasing borrowing beyond our current levels and ironically that had a significant effect on my views.

  • Pro-business can mean huge enthusiasm for the single market, and level-playing-field facilitated market access, can also mean huge enthusiasm for stripping away regulation - specifically environmental standards, workers protections, testing regimes and wage minimums. So broad as to be close to meaningless.

  • Johnson is a cunt.

  • That one tory with a big clap is a cunt too.

  • Lol, laughs and a shit almost answer at the question about politicians who lie.

  • I don't think Corbyn made the most of his chances tonight.

  • No, he could've stuck the boot in more, but still came off better, especially second half.

  • Agreed, Robinson let him off the hook at one point but Corbyn definitely put the boot in a bit.

  • Probs won’t see Boris again now before polling day.

  • Ah I didn't realise this thanks I will get in touch 👍

  • Odd isn’t it? Chosen partly because he’s a great campaigner who appeals to people ‘normal’ Tories can’t reach, yet they have to keep him on a short leash during an election campaign.

  • It’s pretty clear now that tactical voting is going to play a huge part in what happens on Thursday, I really hope there is enough coherent information about who to vote for in the marginals for this to be effective.

  • Kindly fuck off, you alt right muppet. You add nothing of any value to any conversation.

  • takes a couple of seconds to look on wikipedia at the 2017 result in your constituency- that’s the only guide to tactical voting people really need. GBP is not dumb though - they know how to vote in a UK GE. big effort this week from LAB to squeeze as much more out of LDs and SNP as they can, while canvassing LAB leave voters in north/midlands and connecting the party of boris johnson to margaret thatcher

    wonder if LAB may go for a GOTV hail mary in the last week and announce cancellation of student debt. youth vote will be crucial

    whatever happened to the carrie symonds tape too ? BJ struggles with women & this could destabilise his campaign in the home stretch

  • Love your moral boosts!

  • Medium-long term, how is Labour to win back the estates? With the press against them. Assuming any leader will get railed the same way Corbyn has.

  • that’s a big question and will hinge very much on the outcome on thursday - a labour win will lead to transformative direct investment in parts of the country that have been ‘left behind’. it will likely mean a radical decentralisation of the british state with great organs of govt moved from london, abolition of the house of lords and a radical devolution of powers to cities, regions and nations of the union. in theory this should create the material conditions for a reconstitution of this base

    if they lose - and which can probably only happen if their vote has softened irreparably in the north and midlands, then... it’s a difficult question to answer.

    importantly, this labour manifesto has a lot of resonant messages for the people who (during the EU ref and indyref) were ‘coming out of estates’ and ‘who had never voted before.’ those people are not all rabid nationalists - they’re people who want real change. who feel let down by the establishment etc. importantly labour has the motivated activist base to get to those people - their job is to speak to labour and undecided leavers and connect the dots between their disenchantment/brexit as means not end etc and labour’s transformative offer/the leadership’s insurgent quality

  • this is the woman in charge of labour’s constitutional reform review:

  • they seem to want money for their blog posts.

  • Medium-long term, how is Labour to win back the estates? With the press against them. Assuming any leader will get railed the same way Corbyn has.

    Tony Blair and "New" Labour would've walked this election.

  • Only if he hadn't already won in the 90's and could fool people all over again and do some fresh wars.

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General Election 2019

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