General Election 2019

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  • No chance Boris does Andrew Neil given how Marr is going

  • Johnson isn't looking very happy, despite Marr being something of a flannel.

  • Marr is weak in the knees like SWV!

  • I didn't watch it. Thoughts? The ticker seems to basically report him getting a free pass to blame the deaths of two people on labour (reported by the BBC twice, in fact), and his usual avoidance to tough questions going unchallenged.

  • He was challenged but he just kept talking over Marr's interuptions and Marr couldn't stop him from completing his rants, so everything ended with Corbyn being to blame and when Marr would correct him, another rant would begin which he could stop

  • Yup, Marr was useless today.

  • Yeah it was unbelievable.

  • Someone needs to remind him he's essentially interviewing for a job, and ask whether he thinks the way he behaves, and avoids answering questions, would get him the job he's applying for.

  • Would you get the job if you spent the whole time slagging off the other applicant?

  • Problem is the other applicant is widely hated, so I can see this technique working (for some, not all of course).

  • I saw that. Curious to see if it's just ignored.

  • Nice. It'll probably get picked up by the Guardian (at least in its ticker) as well then (if it hasn't already). Let's see if any of the other, pro-Johnson/pro-Brexit/anti-Corbyn, sources pick it up.

  • As much as I hate to give Boris any credit, I can imagine an advisor just ripped off the secret barristor in a hurry, passed it off as their own and them Boris's media team have tweeted it rather than Boris surfing twitter and doing a copy pasta

  • This is quite extraordinary:

    While Raab’s seat is at risk, the Mail on Sunday reports that the Tories have been wargaming the possibility of the party winning the election but Johnson losing his seat, where his majority of 5,000 is the target of a sustained Momentum-fuelled labour challenge.

    The Mail’s Harry Cole writes: “I understand the plan would see a Conservative MP with a big majority near London asked to step up to the Lords on a promise of high office, with a by-election being triggered within days of the December 12 vote,”­e/2019/dec/01/boris-johnson-faces-marr-i­n-wake-of-london-bridge-attack-jeremy-co­rbyn-live?page=with:block-5de3b2288f0874­10d9876110#block-5de3b2288f087410d987611­0

  • Regarding early release: UK inmates languishing in private prisons due to problems accessing rehabilitation (a condition of their sentences) was ruled illegal in 2012.­­es-indeterminate-sentences-unlawful

    Justice was an ‘unprotected’ sector so to save cash Chris Grayling just sacked-off rehabilitation (rather than fix the problem). Early release continued.

    The government’s own report into extremism in prisons, written by a Conservative and handed to Gove was damning. It explained there was zero trust from police that the prison service could manage or contain the incubation of religious or right wing extremism in the prison system. The author (I missed his name) was on Radio 4 today described the cuts as clearly ‘too fast’, ‘a mistake’ and ‘ideological’ and that we are now seeing the consequences.

    Maybe Gove should have listened to this particular expert.

  • I thought Johnson was awful and woeful on Marr, had 2 point he kept repeating, talking over waffle and bluster. I'm a Corbyn supporter by even so this didn't look like a a PM in command of the situation. Marr tried but Jonson just waffled to eat time up. I like to think people arn't stupid and will of noticed this.

    Neil interview never going to happen this side of the 12th, Neil on form would destroy him. I think Labour need to ramp up the he's hiding, running scared.

    My contribution would be : Neil intervew, Get It Done !

  • A bad Neil interview still wouldn’t stop all those people who have been moaning about ‘Comrade Corbyn’, and even if Johnson spends 20 minutes sharting into his own pants and finishes by saying “get brexshit done” he’s still got the brexit vote.

  • It's "end justifies the means" for the Conservatives. FactcheckUK, doctored videos, not fronting to hard questioning. All forgiven for the shot at Brexit.

  • he’s still got the brexit vote.

    Absolutely. Which is what is so infuriating about the remain vote splitting.

  • Yup that’s my biggest fear that through fighting between the centre and the left we let Johnson’s far right party in to do a damaging Brexit. Also silly things like Chris Williamson standing in Derby North against a labour candidate. A majority of one is all they need.

  • And the greens in Stroud.

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General Election 2019

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