General Election 2019

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  • It’s useless then and we shouldn’t be paying for it.

  • The Tories have calculated that the negative impact of running from scrutiny is lower than those of the scrutiny itself, and it looks like they’re correct.

  • If only there was a press out there without their own interests and/or with enough integrity to put some effort into drawing attention to it.

  • Perhaps Marr will be unexpectedly Ill and Andrew Neil will have to step in at the last minute!

  • because there's no way arch tory fuckspanner andrew neil will give johnson a free ride.

  • It's not like maybe this had been the plan, no we can't go on Neill, yes you can and you will, oh alright.
    Hello Boris, do you like spoons?

  • What iz your fave shape?

    Triangles? I love triangles too!

  • I like triangles.
    Wait. Dom says no. I don't like yellow or pink triangles.

  • I don't know if this is true or not:­1200781842254901251

    But I would not be at all surprised.

  • What a different world it would be.

    My brother who is a gas man, sent me this yesterday as his reason for now likely not voting Labour. Got to love the Daily Express.­6/channel-4-debate-climate-Jeremy-corbyn­-video-gas-boilers-home-insulation

    I sent him this in the hope of trying to teach him about the agenda of most newspapers. Novara does some great stuff, quite a good video to send to those people we love who maybe aren’t aware of the reasons for media bias/propaganda.­0hg

  • I don’t like him but he seems to treat everyone the same.
    Have you seen otherwise?

  • pretty sure vids of him having cosy fireside chats with his top chum and drinking buddy david davis are a mere google away.

  • I’ll have a look.
    Seem to recall him giving Johnson a grilling think maybe Tory leadership??
    Also that other right wing American (?) melt who broke down.

  • to be fair, all that's required to make a laughable cunt like like ben shapiro make a tit of himself is a chair and a tv camera.

  • Haha true

  • Westminster voting intention:

    CON: 39% (-2)
    LAB: 33% (+5)
    LDEM: 13% (-5)
    GRN: 5% (-)
    BREX: 4% (+1)

    via @BMGResearch, 27 - 29 Nov
    Chgs. w/ 21 Nov

    First poll in hung parliament range? IDS and Raab could lose their seats.

    Don't get your hopes up though. Outlier at the moment.


    Last 7 polls all put Labour over 30%, 33-34% looks reasonable now. Tories haven't really made any progress in >10 days.

  • I saw this morning the comments about Raab potentially losing his seat. Wonder how many tactical votes this will bring in as before polling, the numbers seemed unsurmountable. I guess there's a benefit and a penalty being such a marmite figure in politics.

  • There are some polls saying that Gove could be in danger of losing his seat.

    Oh please please please pretty please.

  • I'd doubt that, he had a majority of almost 25,000 at the last election and the constituency had a narrow majority for leave in the referendum.

  • Yeah. I highly doubt it too.

    Although there is an argument that having to bring more resources to bear to shore up the Surrey "safe" seats against LD will reduce efforts in other, more marginal, constituencies.

  • Raab is not only suffering due to being a bit hard to like (unless you're onboard with his "values" whatever they are) but the area in general changed a lot over the last 10-20 years and there's a lot more young people (or at least early middle age now) not from the traditional tory set. Waiting for my postal ballot eagerly.

    Edit - I wonder how many high profile tory candidates wouldn't be sad to see Boris lose in order to set up a new leadership race and/or push Brexit into the hands of another party so they can set up as the person who would have got Brexit done but was let down by whoever did win.

  • Yes, the Tory governments of the last ten years did nothing about the superheated property market in London, and relaxed building applications in the shires to a massive degree, so practically everybody who wanted more than a bedsit in Walthamstow has moved somewhere that was a safe Tory seat. In most areas this is going to take a while until the demographic of Torygraph readers and white van man is balanced out though.

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General Election 2019

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