Nothing a lick of paint can't sort

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  • Not the most exciting project compared to some on here, but here goes anyway...

    I somehow managed to crack the steerer on my Supersix recently, and luckily discovered it two days before my insurance ran out (I decided already not to renew it). Dealing with Cannondale to source a fork was like some kind of Kafkaesque nightmare, and after six weeks this was the closest they could get

    At this point, I was so fucked off, I didn't really care that it's not even a hi-mod fork. It's gonna need a repray anyway, I thought, and the insurance will pay for it, so why not do what I've always wanted to do since I was about 15 and get a custom paint job...

    Off I popped to Cole Coatings, had a great chat with Ian and decided that this is to be The Bike of Stuff I've Always Wanted Plus Bits I Already Have With Paint Inspired By Important Life Events.

    I took this photo on the first morning of my honeymoon, was the view that made me fall in love with Iceland, and I wanted to replicate that in the paint. It'll be a few more weeks until it comes back from Cole so I'll post updates as and when!

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  • One thing from my youth that I never could afford was anything made by Chris King. I used to do trials and MTBing, but I had fuck all money so even dreaming of having a CK headset or hubs wasn't going to happen. I'm older now though, and if I don't do it now I never will. A chance discovery on a well known internet auction site, and a trip to the Ferrero Rocher factory (don't ask) later, and...

    They're laced to 38mm Wheelsmith carbons. Not too shallow, not too deep.

    The rest of the build will be a mix of shit I already have, Ultegra/DuraAce. Ian at Cole said he wouldn't paint my frame unless I was actually going to ride it, so I'm not buying any new parts I'd be annoyed about scratching. And most of the stuff going back on the bike has scuffs already.

    Here's the parts 'bin' and my old wheels (which are for sale if anyone wants them)

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  • This is gonna be so sweet

    What are the old wheels?

  • Ooh very nice. Too spenny for me unfortunately.

  • I also wanted to include a couple more personalisations to the paint, something that means something to me. I talked to my wife about putting our wedding date on it, and she replied with "That's sweet, but also really lame. What if we got divorced?" That's the no nonsense attitude that made me want to marry her, and apparently this bike will last longer than our marriage.

    So back to the drawing board, and again pulling from my love of mountains and photography (I will never get bored of looking at mountains), I've decided to include a small graphic based on this photo I took

    I've also learned there's an Icelandic symbol that represents quite a few things - life, death, etc, which have all featured quite prominently in my life in the last few years - but was commonly used as a marking on horses as a symbol of protection and prevention from accident. I got brought up with various alternate influences from my Mum's friends (one was genuinely a white witch), so this symbol is getting incorporated somewhere too

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  • Really looking forward to seeing the paint job on this. When you give the photos as reference points, are these references re colour/mood etc or are you aiming for something a bit more literal/realistic?

  • The first photo was a colour reference. Those blue-gold colours on the sunrise were jaw dropping in real life, very cinematic. I work in film for a living so pulling that cinematic colouring into the paint was quite important to me.

    The paint design is going to be a fairly simple fade, using the colours from the photo.

  • Nice man, sounds great. Whats the timeframe for the paint?

  • Also looks like a really happy guy with a huge penis

  • As long as it takes. Painting sounds incredibly laborious, and they pride themselves in doing a great job, so it won't be ready until they're happy. I'm fine with that.

  • Thanks, won't be able to unsee that now...

  • Pics aren't working for me, anyone else?

  • Me either, can only see the symbol.

  • Yeah not working for me either. Not blocker related either.

  • I can’t see pics.

    Just the really happy guy with a huge penis.

  • Odd, they're linked from Google photos and work fine in Chrome, but yes they don't work in Safari... not sure why that is

  • They don't work in Chrome too.

    You haven't shared the images, so what you're seeing is that when you're signed into Google within Chrome, your cookies allow you to see the images.

    You're not signed into Google in Safari, so you don't see the images there.

    No-one else is signed into Google as you in any browser, so no-one else sees the images.

    Ultimately... you need to use Google Photos sharing permissions to make them public and then use the public URL to paste into here (test this by viewing the image in the unauthenticated Safari first)... or... upload the images here.

  • the industrial-strength buzzkill of this...

    “That's sweet, but also really lame. What if we got divorced?”

    ...keeps creeping up on me and making me snort. I am so sorry.

  • She's nothing if not pragmatic.

  • Interestingly, the perpendicular line across the middle is considered a 'strength multiplier' for the rest of the symbol. In this case, it could be read as taking energy from the sky (the upward cup) and the legs providing strength and protection (downward cup)

    What the massive wiggly dick is about is anyones guess.

  • In paint related news, I've heard that the primer is on and curing, and next week will be getting keyed ready for paint

  • Pics visible for me now, thanks. I love the sentimental aspect of this project.

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Nothing a lick of paint can't sort

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