• 2x red, 2x white. Need 2xLR03 batteries each, not included (well, 2 of them have some in that are super weak now). A button on the back cycles through steady / blinking / succession of each individual light blinking. They have a clip-on system on the back.

    I got these from someone else and never used them, but they all work. Anyone want them before I throw them out? Meeting up at St Thomas Hospital (next to Westminster Bridge) prefered.

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  • A very kind offer. I could meet you at Tommies tomorrow at 7.30 / 8pm?

  • Tomorrow won't work - sorry, should have specified meeting on weekdays. Would next week at some point work?

  • It's a busy week. Where are you when not at Tommies?

  • Putney, by the bridge - I'll also be pretty busy though, so it'd have to be in the later evening?

  • Ok, Hopefully someone with a little more time can pick them up!
    undibs :)

  • Pity - well currently there's not that much interest so if you can make some other time let me know! I'd rather have someone use them than throw them away.

  • I wll keep them in mind, thanks. Currently working 12 hour days in Woolwich. ..

  • Bumpedy bump. Anyone want these? I will throw them away otherwise, but I'll feel bad doing it...

  • Last attempt - definitely no one interested?

  • I’ll take these, can meet in Putney by St Mary’s church after work/evenings any day this week?

  • Absolutely! Make it on the other side of the road and you have a deal ;) I'm sending you a PM.

  • Just in case these are still around I'd take them!

  • You have 2nd dibs at the moment, I'll get back to you about it!

  • Lights gone to @Ndeipi, thanks for the beer ;)

  • Thanks for the lights @SwissChap. :D


Freecycle: 2 red, 2 white clip-on non-chargeable bike lights

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