• Got these going spare. Update 5/11/19> small price drops. Update 7/11/19> new addition (see end of list).
    Prices don't include postage. This will be £9 for either of the wheels, £3 for the larger parts, and £1.50 for either cog or freewheel. But happy for anyone to collect from Hendon, NW4.
    See thread replies for what's now sold.
    Forum donation to be made if I sell most of what's here.

    Mavic A319 rim on Goldtec track hub. This is a wheel for fixed riding but with OLN set up for older road bikes. And the rim is the pretty heavy duty Mavic A319 model, so nicely bombproof and will take wider tyres. Spoke count is 36. Included are an 18t BLB track cog with Dura Ace lockring, unbranded 17t 3/32" cog and lockring, plus Schwalbe Marathon 25c tyre. Theres little wear to rim surface, the rim's true, and the bearings are very smooth. Tyre, cogs and lockrings show minimal wear. Pretty excellent overall condition. OLN is 126mm- the Goldtec hub can't be respaced as easily as with many other manufacturers since the axle is a one-piece design without spacers, where the whole thing must be removed if fitting the wheel into a frame with different OLN. Different lengths are available from Goldtec, and obviously a track spaced one would work since the hub body is narrower than a road one to match these frames narrow OLN. All threads are good and the Goldtec bolts are fine.
    £60> £55 > £50

    Unbranded rim on Condor track hub. The rim has been destickered at some point and is possibly a Mavic. Included are track nuts and a Michelin Lothion 2 folding tyre. Theres little wear to rim surface, the rim's true, and the bearings are the cartridge type and very smooth. There are a few cosmetic scratches to the paintwork. The rim's double eyeletted and there's 32 plain gauge spokes. All threads are good. The tyre shows minimal wear. Pretty excellent overall condition.
    £20> £17

    Acor single speed chain tensioner. Attaches to a rear mech hanger when running a bike single speed and the dropouts aren't the type that allow positioning the wheel to get good tension on the chain ie not the 'slotted' type etc. Jockey wheels show minimal wear and everything's in generally good condition.

    DNP Power Removal System freewheel. Works with 3/32" chains and is an 18t freewheel. This is one of the better single speed freewheels around and has a quality finish and engineering. It clicks loudly and has no play around the bearings. The teeth show some chrome loss on their reverse side but it's not excessive and the metal underneath hasn't been worn yet. There's also some tarnishing to the writing on the front. Threads are good and the removal notches aren't damaged.

    Shimano Dura Ace cog and lockring. This is a 14t cog with matching lockring. Although boxed, these aren't new and the cog shows slight wear to the ano finish, but the metal underneath is unaffected. The lockring has no damage to its notches from removal. Both are the NJS version of these items (the box says they're the 7600 series). No instructions are included- you just screw 'em on:)

    Stronglight mod. 2000 track chainset 170 mm / 44t 1/8" chainring. Includes original self extracting bolts and chainring bolts. Tooth wear hardly shows and still has most of their machined surface. The cranks show a couple of faint scuffs that were hard to show in the pics. No heel rub and the logos are all there. Threads and tapers are good.
    Chainring PCD- 144 mm. Recommended axle length - 107 mm / JIS taper for bottom bracket fitment.

    BLB Pista Vera track chainset 165mm / 46t 1/8" chainring. Cranks are highly polished and the steel chainring has v shiny chrome. There's little wear to the teeth and the only complaint is the chrome there has begun to dull. Slight heel rub shows near the pedal holes. Lovely Campag copy and retro design. Threads and tapers are good. Chainring PCD- 130mm.
    £30> £27

  • Recon single speed converter kit. For those not in the know, these kits are for converting wheels designed for use with cassettes into just single speed function. A 16t cog is included. Tooth wear is minimal and the kit hasn't had much usage. For 3/32" chains. All threads are good on the lockring.

    Izumi Super Toughness track chain. This chain has is new and complete, although it has been mounted on a bike and so cut down (off-cuts are in the box) but then removed again unused. Still has the factory grease coating. For 1/8" chains and there's 116 links. This is not the NJS older version of the chain, but is nevertheless still pretty good:)

    Dia Compe Dirty Harry right hand brake lever plus Shimano Tiagra brake. Condition of the lever is very good with just slight scuffing to the tip a faint graze above the Dia Compe logo. The pivot is still tight and threads are good with nothing seized. The brake is in similar condition with only a small scuff over the Tiagra logo. Lots of meat left on the pads. Will split, just ask.

    Dia Compe Dirty Harry left hand brake lever. Condition is very good with just slight scuffing to the white paintwork in a few spots. The pivot is still tight and threads are good with nothing seized.

    Stronglight track chainring. This was bought to use with the matching Stronglight 2000 chainset- I've just sold this now, so obvs no longer need this chainring, especially as the PCD is the 144mm size which doesn't fit any of my other track cranks. It is a 48t chainring and of course for 1/8" chains. Condition is near excellent with nearly all machining remaining on the teeth.
    £10> £9

    Profile aero pursuit/bullhorn bars. 40cm width, so for those less broad in the shoulders. 26mm bar clamp size. These basically look never to have been fitted to a bike and are possibly NOS, as there's none of the usual bar clamping marks etc. There's a few scuffs from storage though.
    £8 > £7

    Cinelli L.A.84 aero pursuit/bullhorn bars. Like the above, these bars are 40cm across, so best suited for those less broad in the shoulders. Bar clamp size is for the older Cinelli stems: 26.4mm (can provide one if needed). These are pretty scarce retro aero bars and also in the same condition as the above Profile ones (bought together) so quite possibly NOS. Also have a few scuffs from storage but nothing really to speak of. 'Bullhorns' extend 27cm from the horizontal part of the bars.

    Izumi track chain. Since being disappointed after finding out how I'd incorrectly identified my earlier listed Izumi chain, I've decided to list a second one I have. This one though is in used condition but has been properly maintained. I've degreased it before taking pics and it's ready to be oiled and fitted. The number of links remaining is 96. Checked with a chain wear gauge and it's not stretched.
    £6> £5

    Nitto B260AA riser bars with GB stem and new Tioga grips. Measure 49.5cm across, and they have been cut down. Bar clamp size is 25.4mm. There's a fair amount of rise- around 3cm. The stem is a retro GB British made (no branding on it though) one and but complements the bars very well IMO. Extension on it is 9cm. Stem and bars are in very nice condition with just one or two slight scuffs, and the only real thing to mention is that one end of the bars has had a noticeable graze and but I've fitted new (unused) grips so it now won't be visible. Will split, just ask.

    Cinelli Criterium track bars. Lovely classic track bars from Cinelli. Measure 40cm across c-to-c so for those less broad across the shoulders. These have the older Cinelli bar clamp size of 26.4mm, so require a suitable stem (happy to provide one if needed). Condition is very good, with only slight grazing showing on the centre sleeve, except for stem clamping marks of course, but they'll naturally be covered once the stem is fitted.
    £15> £13

    Unbranded track chainset. They're unbranded but I suspect they're made by Sugino, since the writing near the pedal holes is the same as that on some of their cranks. The chainring is 44t and shows little usage, and is for the 1/8" chains. Threads and tapers are good.

  • Dibs, Single speed and Super chain. Will PM.

  • Yes to Stronglight. Pm'd

  • Dibs the chain tensioner

  • 2nd dibs chain?

  • That's an Izumi Standard chain, not a super toughness

  • Ah,fair enough, my mistake. I bought it as a Super Toughness but did recognise it was different to an NJS stamped Super Toughness, but put the different logos on each down to the fact that one was NJS and the other was a newer non NJS. I guess it's just merely 'tough', and the NJS status makes it 'super':)

  • Sorry, sold now (Izumi chain).

  • Stronglight chainset SOLD.

  • BLB Pista Vera track chainset - BCD?
    dibs if 144

  • Aw (Sam) Hell, just seen that on the chainring it says 130:)
    Thanks for the heads up though, I'll add it to the description.

  • u know what. that might actually be better...

  • Sure, just pm me.

  • Some new items added.

  • sorry undibs

  • And dibs cancelled for chain tensioner as that one's going nowhere fast. Might have to cancel my dibs policy if this continues:)

  • Interested in the rear wheel as per my message.

    I'm not going to say Dibs, as that definitely means I'm a time waster ;)

  • And dibs cancelled for chain tensioner as that one's going nowhere fast. Might have to cancel my dibs policy if this continues:)

    Gah! That's me just being shit and forgetting things from one moment to the next. I've just paypalled you.

  • Dibs LA94's

  • This was paid since I seem to have forgotten to pm the chap after stating that his dibs was cancelled on the thread... Payment refunded and pm'd.
    So, chain tensioner still for sale.

  • Dibs Duraace cog and lockring

  • Dibs DNP

  • Dura Ace cog/lockring and DNP freewheel SOLD.

  • Cinelli L.A.84 bars SOLD.

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THREAD CLOSED> Single speed and track clearout: Mavic, Goldtec, Condor, Dura Ace, Stronglight, BLB, Izumi, Cinelli, Dirty Harry, Nitto

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