Genesis Longitude Bikepacker

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  • Just managed to pick one of these up super cheap on cycle to work.­itude

    Being delivered Monday.

    First job is a wheel rebuild to add in a hub dynamo. Then I need to sort a light and charging set up and swap out the bars, stem and saddle.

    Then I probably need to ride it a bit...

  • Cool!

  • Having used dyno off-road for a while I'd consider saving your money and buying a bigger cache battery. It's kinda not really worth it as you spend so little time going at a speed which is actually doing anything to charge

  • Irritatingly my new dyanamo has just arrived!

  • Unless you’re riding canal paths, commuting etc. Full on mtb yeh agreed, I’d get no light for 75% of the ride!

  • So, the bike arrived today and it looks handsome. The very,very, very, very,very dark blue colour looks great in the flesh.

    Took it for a quick spin round the block and it is super fun to ride. The enormo tyres roll over everything. Definitely need to swap the bars out though for something with more of a sweep.
    (also it's currently too wide to get down the stairs of my flat!)

    Unboxing photos:

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  • lighting = yes, charging, probs not

  • Enjoy the bike, I love mine. It is amazingly capable.

    I'd recommend changing the tyre for tubless to save the inner tube weight and to run at low enough pressures to get grip and comfort.

  • Definitely going to do that. Presumably, I just need to swap the valves out and bung some sealant in there. Never done a tubeless conversion before but given that the rims and tyres are both tubeless ready, I'm guessing it's pretty straightforward.

  • You'll need some tubeless tape as well as the valves. The bike comes with regular rim-tape.

  • Ah that's annoying. I thought the rims were meant to be tubeless. That's what WTB seem to suggest.­iant=21266100228

  • The rims are tubeless ready, but different rim tape is needed for tubeless vs tubes.

  • Ah gotcha, clearly I'm just being a wang.

  • Nah, major gripe of mine.

    Tubeless ready should mean pre taped aka ready to go...

    Tubeless compatible should mean you just need to add tape etc

    Rarely are those followed

  • Little parcel delivery from Still going to take a punt at the charging set up and see what I can do. I've got a lumotec U on my tourer so I might bung that on here for a bit and see if I can generate enough to charge something. If not, I'll just get a decent light set for it and invest in a second cache battery for trips outside.

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  • Any progress? I'm considering a similar project, is it possible to route the dynamo wiring inside the fork or ziptying is the only way?

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Genesis Longitude Bikepacker

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