Anyone in Poole?

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  • Looking to get a frame picked up and shipped to Landan

    Anyone like to do this for me? Paid in few monies and beers / wines / whatevers.

    Thank you

  • I'm down Sunday afternoon – Tuesday morning-ish this week coming; back in London the following week if that's useful? You'll have to come to Catford to collect it at this end of things though.

  • I might be able to help if needed. I am usually down in Poole every 6 weeks or so to see the family

  • thanks all. Just waiting to hear back from the man with the frame.

  • I can also help. I'm Bournemouth.

  • If you want me to help out, I've got this evening and tomorrow morning then I'm gone!

  • Seller now saying he can ship after all! F*ck ebag. Thanks for reaching out all


Anyone in Poole?

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