STI v Downtube shifters

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  • choice is 105 5700 or DA SL7900....I have used both before and got in with both and can see advantages and disadvantages to both but would like (if possible) other opinions on the subject.

    The chainset is 10 speed 46/30 Velo Orange TA Cyclotourist copy/update....the cassette will be 11/11-32. The bike is going to be a fast tourer. This is for some context.

  • If I was touring for 8 hours a day, I think DT shifters would get a bit tedious.

  • I like the bar end shifters I have on my tourer, they are DA SLBS77 9 speed, the simplicity of DT but better positioning. Should work in friction mode with 10/11s.

  • Ime DT shifters work and work really well. Yeah you gotta reach down to shift but you know this already. If you've ridden a lot of bikes with no gears thrn you'll be used to not changing gear (!?) So get the DT and embrace your Retrogrouch

  • I'd go with bar ends personally instead of these two options.

  • Are people suggesting 5700 shifters will suddenly break mid-tour? They're not known for being flimsy.

  • I’d say bar end shifters are the best compromise, I found DT shifters worked exceptionally well (DA/Ultegra mix group) but reaching down for them with a loaded bike was annoying at the end of a long day. Modern STIs are Ok, but where’s the integrity?

  • I love this forum.

    'should I use DT shifters or STIs for a fast tourer'

    'I like bar end shifters'

  • Electric gears are the best. You could put little clicky buttons on the downtube.

  • Haha, I'm going to start racing crits again with Di2 buttons on the down tube. That'd be awesome.

  • No one’s mentioned Portacatena yet, surely the purist’s choice?

  • ....I have used both before and got in with both and can see advantages and disadvantages to both but would like (if possible) other opinions on the subject.

  • STI for sure, unless you're going for a retro look.

  • I have dt on my tourer as it gets used for different purposes and has switched between drops and risers often enough that I’m glad I don’t have to recable each time. I’ve also dropped/crashed it a few times so I def would have broken sti or bar end shifters by now..

  • Isn't that for somewhere to hang your chain when you puncture?

  • Yeah, I get confused between that and Cambio Corsa.

  • This makes a lot of sense actually, and I'll probably do that to my retro hybrid thingy (besides the dropping/crashing part).

  • The answer is clearly friction Dt for the fd and diy retroshift for the rd. duh.

  • Wow loads of great comments that have much to commend them...I can rule out electric only issue to bar end shifters is that I use a bar end mirror but I can get round that with a Bike Eye.

    Belgian Cat (I love the name) is right about being in touch with my retrogrouch.

    Matter of taste...nah not going total friction...front mech is friction but sticking with indexed rear it STI, DT or bar end...I have never had issues with DT...and I go on one maybe two long trips...most if my cycling is local with panniers...mostly a couple of hours.

  • Is this still available? Even if it is I won't go that route anyway.

  • DA Sl7900 is 10 friction at the front and indexed changes at the rear.

  • For the record I have 3x9 deore with dura ace levers. Worked flawlessly for 9yrs now. Front friction, rear indexed.
    Only issue I guess would be if you wanted to run a full frame bag. I don’t so it’s never come up.

  • Oh it’s indexed. Sunrace m90 innit. Only friction for the fd. You know, for infinite trim. Compact crankset means I’m either in climb mode or flat mode so bar shifting for fd is overkill.

  • Downtube shifters are great, get them. When I eventually get a custom frame, it'll be dt shifters for me. Was also looking at the velo orange chainset, the two would look great together.

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STI v Downtube shifters

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