Servicing a Halo Clickster Freewheel

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  • I have a Halo Clickster on my singlespeed bike and just wondering if any of you guys have any experience of servicing them? It's in good nick at the moment, but this is my commuting bike and it has a hard life of being left in the rain all year round and an unavoidably muddy commute.

    I was previously running a Shimano MX30 freewheel and by the time I came around to servicing that at the end of last winter, I found the bearings were packed with more mud than oil and it was beyond help; trying to avoid the same this year with some preventative maintenance!

    Any tips?

  • Just looks like a normal SS freewheel no? So you probably get to the internals with some kind of pin wrench, clean, lube, good to go.

  • Also, there's literally a service video for these:­ice-my-halo-clickster-freewheel/­tY8

    They don't pull them apart, just bathe in oil.

  • Not watched the vid so might cover it but I’d recommend loosening the cover a little and flushing out with degreaser, gt85, something like that.

    Loosening the cover allows better access to blast the degreaser in and more space for the shit to get out but don’t loosen it too much, you don’t want to start losing bearings.

  • They are quite nicely made freewheels, and adding oil like in the video makes them last longer, but the fact they're not sealed and you're using it in crummy conditions means that it is inevitably going to die.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    I had seen that video but thought it was a bit of a weak effort by Halo! Sure, it's easy to run some oil into the gaps and give it a spin, but as I mentioned, my last one was basically packed with mud after winter, so I was looking for opinions on a full strip-down service.

    I didn't think mine had any holes/dimples for a pin-wrench (hence the post!) but watching that video again, it looks as though there might be some on the reverse-side so I'll investigate that.

  • Just watched the vid, seems like a shit way to do it.

    You need something thinner and a bit of a gap to wash the crap out then use the oil to re-lubricate.

  • Not had a Halo one, but I've managed to revive Shimano ones by drowning and spinning them in WD40 every 6 months or so. Just needed to remove it from the whee and do it in a bowl.

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Servicing a Halo Clickster Freewheel

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