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  • Still need to sort a few more bits, but getting there.

    Current conundrum is the NOS/not NOS pair of hubs. Can’t decide if I should strip/polish them or ignore.

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  • Parts:

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  • Was thinking the same

  • Gon be ace. I like a good Omnomnom build, me.

  • like the look of those ergotec bars!

  • I have thorn comfort bars on my regular work bike, which are perfect.

    I'm not sure if these will have enough sweep but will give them a try because I need the rise. Didn't get the XL frame because is it uglier/heavier and the TT is a bit long for me.

    Ideal handlebar is probably Hunter smooth move, but difficult (impossible?) to get hold of.

  • BMX rim has arrived:

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  • great to be here guys. wishign you a fantastic saturday night

  • Ah you live in that warehouse? I used to live round the corner in ADC!

  • I've got some new Cube comfort bars up for sale if you fancy something with rise and sweep.

  • Thank you for the offer but too much sweep for me on those. Looking for 15-20 degrees.

  • Yep thats been my home for the last 5-6 years. I will hazard a guess you noticed the array of half finished bicycles hanging in the window?

  • Some progress was made over the weekend mainly by bolting on various parts. Made it rideable with gears + rear brake and got my position sorted (matched to the regular work bike) and trimmed the steerer down.

    Quickly realised when ragging it up and down the street a bit that basing my gear ratios on a heavy Bullit with an IGH full of drag was probably not the best idea. Will assess properly when fully built and done a few loaded rides but think the 32t will probably need changing.

    Still need to sort out front brake (replace hose) which should be fun. Then swap saddle out for something non-race and figure out some kind of cargo carrying system/bag.

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  • Currently:

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  • Nice photos! Would love an omnium at some point but haven't been able to convince myself yet.

  • Tonight’s task... Eat chilli and replace front brake hose.

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  • L’tressage:

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  • Now it’s weighed down with more parts and many inner tubes the high gear is actually perfect.

    I’m waiting on the rear guard to arrive and need to trim a small amount of length from both brake hoses then will take some good photos before it gets scratched to shit.

  • 1st day of work done:

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