• Hi guys,

    So Ive got a one in, one out thing going on atm and as I have just bought myself a new CX bike the mtb has to go!!

    Its a real sweet ride, been looked after however has got some paint scuffs/chips but it is a MTB and has been used.

    The spec great, the brakes are unbelievably powerful and the ride is even better. the geo isnt as progressive as most new hardtails but it goes down hill like its on rails, but I guess thats geo, good forks and those wide 2.6 tyres.

    Anyway here is the spec:


    The bad bits fyi, it needs new rear brake pads and there are a few paint chips which I have tried to photo.

    Honestly its a great MTB but I just dont need it anymore.

    £600 please, plus postage and if paying by paypal either as a gift or fees paid please.

    Message me if you have any questions please!!


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  • These photos are not doing it any justice when it's dirty. I'm gonna give it a clean tomorrow and get some fresh ones.

  • It's been cleaned, had a proper service and new brake pads are on the way.

    Price drop to 580 plus postage.

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  • Where are you based?

  • This looks great fun

  • Birmingham.

  • All pms replied too.

    Still here despite all the interest!

  • Can't believe this is still here.

  • You're tell me! I may end up keeping it at this rate 😅

  • Final price drop before it goes on ebay.

    570 plus postage and fees

  • I lied.

    Someone take this at 550 please. Cheers

  • Mad bargz. Looks like a bunch of fun for no money. GLWS!

  • have you got some better/more detailed photos?

  • If you pm me your email I can send you some!!

  • Going to move to eBay today. PM me if there is any Interest as I would like to avoid all the fees if possible.

  • sold.


FS: Cube Reaction TM 2018 Large. Fox 34s, XT, Magura Trails, Raceface atlas, Dropper post. £600.

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