Dawes Kingpin small wheeled shopper bike £16.50

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  • Bought on a whim because it was cheap and local but have no use for it really. And it’s too small for me.

    Needs a fair amount of tlc but I pumped the tyres up and rode it to the post office this afternoon, didn’t die.

    Collection camberwell

  • These make surprisingly fun/stupid city bikes when set up fixed... ignore the dumb bars that were quickly replaced but you get the idea. GLWS!

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  • I’d totally buy it and collect it tomorrow, but not sure how I’d get it back to Swindon. Suppose I could put it in a bike bag.

  • Someone buy this. Awesome bikes, still miss mine.

  • Bought one on eBay last year, want to do something cool with it buy can't find time! Argh!
    Glws, I agree with above comments these are great cheap little things!

  • Yea I’m helping/escorting mum tomorrow to Whitechapel so I’ll have a few hours downtime. Just means I gotta carry it back to Paddington and not get an angry train guard or whatever.

    Only thing is I’m halfway through making a bmx-shopper-cargo so this is totally unnecessary. Been half-made since the Spring!

  • Nnnnnnngggg... (Must resist)

  • Do it so I don’t

  • Would be perfect for my friend who is looking for a small wheeled bike for walking his dog... will confirm yay or nay before noon tomorrow!

  • Also interested, how do you size this thing? Looks incredibly ssmall next to the other bike... but of course that bike could be huge

  • Ride it home ftw

  • Camberwell to Whitechapel, no stress. No way I’m giving mum a backie Whitecastle to Paddington let alone 100 miles to Swindon.

  • You'd get mad forum points for it though!

  • The brakes will stop me like a wet fart when someone shouts DAS, though.

  • Hahahahaha! Definitely prepared to let this go, in order to watch you coming through on your way to Paddington...

  • Edit: nooooo I caaaaaaan’t

    @c00ps !!! Do it!!!

  • I want this but can’t collect for at least a week

  • I can’t not buy this. Whereabouts in Camberwell are you? Can pick up this eve.

  • ^ We're saved!

  • Phew. Sod doing anything in this rain.

  • I really want one of these now. Thanks a bunch.

  • Well, you are in luck. Seller hasn’t got back to me yet and I’m off on holiday tomorrow...

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Dawes Kingpin small wheeled shopper bike £16.50

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