FS: Scicon AeroTech Evolution TSA Bike Box

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  • Another victim to an apartment move and just not having the space to store it

    Scicon AeroTech Evolution TSA Bike Box


    • Bike box
    • TSA Locks and keys
    • 2 x sets of skewers (2 front 2 rear)
    • Internal padding
    • Saddle bag

    The good:
    In its job as a protective case for shipping and transporting a bike it works perfectly as it should with no detriment to protection

    The bad:
    One of the wheel wells split the third time I used it and since then it’s had a bit of a limp. I’ve used it another 5 or 6 times since and it doesn’t seem to have gotten any worse, just not as manoeuvrable as it was when I first got it; still rolls fine on the other three wheels and more than fine getting it through an airport.

    I’ve used this case 8 or 9 times and it’s faultlessly protected carbon bikes and wheels with never so much as a mark on anything.

    I’d be keeping it had I the space as it does exactly the job I bought it for: protecting bike in transit.


    collected from very close by Broadway Market

  • yes please, pm’d

  • the king is back!

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  • These are horrible bike boxes. Mine also cracked in the wheel arch - and if you look online, it’s a common complaint. If you happen to have to be the original purchaser, I’m happy to give you all the correspondence I used to get a full refund from Wiggle.

  • Thanks for that @booter - you and I already had a discussion a year or so ago and I decided the hassle to go through the process of trying to get it fixed / warrantied just wasn’t worth it.

    I’ve used it countless times since and far from being a “horrible bike box” I’ve found it by far the easiest one I’ve ever owned and it’s never let me down from doing exactly what it’s been designed for, which was protecting a bike in transit.

    Besides, the box is now sold pending collection on Sunday.

    @Chrismatex @urbs @carbonsinglespeed I’ll keep you guys in the loop

  • @dick Yep, I enjoyed mine too. The 'horrible' was just a reference to the fact that it's a £400 travel case that doesn't itself withstand the rigours of travel. But for £75 it's a bargain. Enjoy @tonyme.

  • One day I will design and market a bike box that actually fucking works and isn't a complete nightmare to transport. it cannot be difficult. how literally everyone on the market has fucked it up SO badly I will never understand

  • My bikeboxallen has been fine (if a little tight with aerobar bikes). It's done so much work I've worn the wheels out.

  • bikebox alan or this scicon thing are the best of a band bunch, but you can't honestly tell me that it's 'good'. the wheels are about the same size as those rolly trollys you get in big tesco. fucking laughable.

  • I was about to apologise for hijacking this sales thread but actually it's @Dick and he's already sold it so give a fuckkkkkkkkkkk

  • I don't get it - it rolls. What more do you want? What would your design improve?

  • if you think I'm giving away my plans for #1 in market bike box you are SORELY mistaken

  • Ok. In the meantime I'm gonna get some new castors off amazon.


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    Thanks @MechaMorgan @hippy for your undying loyalty and support)


FS: Scicon AeroTech Evolution TSA Bike Box

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