616 Fabrication Muenzie Fat Bike

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  • Yeah, they will probably work, but personally I would go for something like a mulefut 27.5 x 50 (internal). Pop up pretty cheap from time to time.

  • So after going back and forth for probably a million times or so I have decided to pull the trigger on the White Industries hubs. I think the polished aluminum will look great with the frame and from what I've read bearing quality should be pretty awesome too. Not having an option for 12 spd also means not being able to fit all things modern, which should help keep costs down.

    Now I need to decide which rims to use. I would prefer to use the Tune 27,5 rims. Ideally so I can fit both plus size tires (bikepacking.com just wrote a great review on Schwalbe G-ones) and fat bike tires. According to an article on Bikerumor from a couple of years back, 27,5 3.8 fat bike tires are only 6-10mm bigger height wise than 26 4.0. I am hoping the frame will be able to clear the difference. I bought some 3.8 Maxxis Minion tires so I can do a test fit. Any ideas how I might be able to do this the most accurate way without lacing the wheels?

  • I just found a picture showing clearance out back with 26 x 4.0 tires. Looks like a slightly taller and narrower tire might work.

    Also a nice shot of how the WI hub looks on a steel fork.

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  • I finally got to see the frameset in real life last week. It was delivered 8 weeks ago, but because I had just left for a long vacation the day before, it has been waiting at my parents house since.

    First impressions are really good. The condition is near perfect, just a few minor paint chips in the top coat. I would say 9/10. The paint is truly something special. The pin striping combined with the glitter paint look great together. Much nicer that I could have imagined by looking at the auction pics.

    It took some quick measurement to see what kind of stem length I would need. From what I can tell from those measurement is that the frame appears to be one sizer bigger than the seller indicated. Hopefully that won't be too much of a problem.

    The first test fit with the cranks showed that the 36T won't clear the chain stay. I don't have the bottom bracket yet, but even without it I think I need something smaller.

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  • Nice paint! Eager to see the build progress.

  • Just stumbled across this ad the other day. Pretty much exactly what I am looking for, aside from the horrible blue spoke nipples.

    I don't know how to build wheels, but I have replaced the occasional spoke and trued some wheels. Do you guys reckon it would be doable for me to change the nipples one by one? I have truing stand, although I would have to check if it takes a 170mm wheel.

  • Changing nipples is very doable. You'd have to tension and true the wheels afterwards though.

  • That paint is mental and I agree with drøn.

    Looking forward to the build

  • Finally got around to building a test setup today to see if 27.5 x 3.8 will clear the frame on the Tune rims. First up was fitting the tire. The fit was nice and snug, which should help with getting the tires setup tubeless when they are built. Then I made a jig from a block of wood and a piece of a rack that was destined for the bin. Last up was fitting it to the frame. As you can see there is a ton of clearance, so I am thinking this is the way to go.

    I am no expert, but I think the tire looks fine on the rim. What do you guys think?

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  • On a second note, I also found a lovely Shimano XTR Di2 groupset. With XTR 12 speed now around, second hand prices seem to have gone down quite a bit for XTR Di2 groupsets. The groupset includes the first generation grey XC brakes. Not sure if I will keep the brakes. I might change them for the second generation silver XTR trial brakes that are on the Canyon Dude.

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  • Evolution of the 2 Spoke? Very cool.

  • Monospok or gtfo ;)

    This thing is going to be stonkingly cool

  • I am no expert, but I think the tire looks fine on the rim.

    Same here.

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616 Fabrication Muenzie Fat Bike

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