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  • I'm trying to get my phone and most apps into dark mode/dark theme, for my eyes/phone battery, and have enabled both Chrome UI dark mode and Android web content dark mode on the chrome://flags list of options. It's changed BBC news for example, now dark with light/white text, but LFGSS is still white with black text. Is this a LFGSS-specific setting, and one I therefore wouldn't be able to change? No problem if so, I'm more intrigued/learning about geeky Android stuff.

    Thanks for any answers...

  • Good idea...

    @Velocio do you know if LFGSS would override a 'dark theme' on Chrome on Android 8...? Thanks for your help.

  • I installed the Dolphin browser on Android and run in night mode for this exact purpose.

    Native chrome dark mode would be nicer

  • Thanks, will have a look at that. Apparently there is a native dark mode coming for Android sometime.
    Maybe in The Future we'll look back at these overly-bright screen days as ancient history...

  • interestingly there is research that suggests the night mode thing offers little to no benefit.

  • In what sense of benefit? I like the darker look as it (maybe via placebo effect I admit) feels less 'strainy' - that's a medical word - on my eyes, and I can believe it drains the battery less than lighting up all the white pixels? Willing to learn/be corrected though...


    I cant find the report re: comprehension, but it seems that comprehension and absorption are aided by black on white. I use mostly normal with the warmth turned up, feels better to me.

    after all its personal preference, its just that the marketing around it is just that, marketing

  • I like dark mode because it doesn't illuminate the whole room at night!

    I have most of my interfaces set to dark, much easier to read, maybe I should get an kindle/ePaper screen

  • Interesting, thanks. Looks like battery life at least is likely to be a bit of an urban legend. Never mind.

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Chrome dark mode/theme

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