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  • Hey Guys/Girls,

    Im travelling to Iceland in a month with my parents and gf. You might have any suggestions on places that I need to visit or something interesting that I should try out?

    • Local food recommendations are always on top of my list so I'll be happy if you got some.
    • Im a photographer so any good spots are always appreciated as well!


  • Not sure where to start!

    How long have you got, how are you getting around?

  • If you're renting a car ALWAYS get the gravel paint chip insurance, as Iceland is mostly gravel arranged into different scenery. And all of it hates your hire car paint job.

  • Ill be there from the 15th-20th Nov, renting a 4x4with full insurance and have already booked 3/4 of our hotels/places to stay. On the SE side of the country

  • Lots to say, but most importantly:
    Avoid the southern coast, way too many tourists. Get as quickly as possible away from the ringroad for the same reason.
    Westfjords is awesome and by far the best place I went.

  • I could go on for ages, we tried to drive Route 1 but they had the worst rainfall in years and flooded the roads to save the bridges. So tip 1, always have a plan B and dress for whatever weather and crack on.

    Also, depending what time you land, get your 4x4, ideally from the airport and do not go to reykjavik, do it at the end if you must- it'll suck up loads of time.

    Here are some ideas on places... many depend on your parents fitness and weather but we found all the good stuff required a little effort - places where the tourist buses could not get.

    • Go snorkeling in silfra (we drove straight here from the airport)
    • Hike to the Reykjadalur hot springs
    • Walk to the Sólheimasandur plane crash - I enjoyed this but it's a long flat and very boring walk.

    Don't go to the blue lagoon - seek out other pools/springs. I've been told Sundholl is good in town but was being refurbed when we visited. There are plenty of other hot springs and pools in the golden circle area (and the entire country!).

    There are endless waterfalls and things to see off Route 1 and in the Golden Circle but you might also want to consider going North instead. Though it sounds like you have already booked some hotels, so maybe an idea on area and we could name a few more places..

    Also check this website every few hours.

  • Go here, get the soup.

  • +1 to the Westfjords

  • Wow thank you so much guys for the replies! I will check them all and will update the thread in one month with a link to my photos (if anyone's interested) :D

  • Well apparently I did ask for the forums opinion too late as most things are planned on that side..
    you reckon the distances and times on Google maps are true or different from reality?

  • Thats really helpful! will probably have to spend some time on this this afternoon :D

  • well cancel your plans! can't say how lame and ugly the overtouristed areas have become.

  • We went to the capital in December years ago.­ew-g189970-d619115-Reviews-CenterHotel_T­hingholt-Reykjavik_Capital_Region.html

    It was quiet and nice. Maybe it depends what time of year? Maybe it's just got busy?­ping-iceland/

  • I can't think of anything worse (OK I can) than riding on Route 1. Endless brutal wind and tourists wizzing by on a narrow road at 80kph. Did they ride in the night to get pictures of empty roads?! Think that's the only way I'd do it, middle of summer but flip the time and ride in the 'night'.

    Do really want to go back and ride through the middle though.­ivide/

  • "If you’re looking for a relaxing cycling holiday I honestly don’t think you could choose a less suitable destination."

    "Cycling around Iceland is strictly for masochists!"

    "the roads in the south east weren’t actually that great for cycling. If all you want to do is ride your bike in Iceland, then I would head straight to the Western Fjords where there are far less cars and some mind-blowing stretches of road"

    "The Eastern Fjords were much like their spectacular counterparts in the west except there were far more cities and more tourists making their way up from Reykjavik"

    I guess if you're going to film/photo bits you're not going to include the shitty, heavily trafficked areas:­TQ8

  • Got close passed by a giant truck whilst on the road in Iceland. Terrifying. We were doing bang on the speed limit.

    In a four by four.

  • Not sure why everyone expects Iceland to be some paradise. Drivers are cunts worldwide.

    Go to the USA and you'll find that speeding truck passing shenanigans happening every 10min.
    I presume they don't have data loggers or speed limiters in US trucks?

  • Do not miss Akureyri, Iceland's second city

  • I would love to go cycling in Iceland but there are a couple of reasons I can't:
    my parents will be with me
    my gf will be with me
    I wont be able to do more than 70 km/day - out of shape :(

    I will check Akureyri - never heard of it - its perfect that most replies include a place that I havent checked yet

    Thanks again guys :D

  • Not sure why everyone expects Iceland to be some paradise. Drivers are cunts worldwide.

    I think it’s because if you are caught speeding or being a dick - as a tourist anyhow - they are pretty strict and the punishments are spendy.

  • So, why all the bother about it being busy and dangerous? I've only been to the capital in December so maybe my view is skewed towards the off-season or something but it seems less busy with cars than most English market towns. I didn't ride there though and don't remember traffic details outside the capital when we headed out on some bus trips.

  • I only mentioned it because riding on Route 1 in peak season is a bit like choosing to ride on the m25 but there is 1 lane and no hard shoulder. I'd feel much safer riding around reykjavik.

  • Can confirm speeding tickets are costly. Car rental co apprised me that Iceland police had clocked offence (cost of letter €35). Was worried that I had been spotted maxing it out at 160 km/h on several stretches where we had to make back time. Fortunately was somewhere else where I was only ~10% over 90 km/h limit. Still the fine was something like €150.

    Seriously, don't be riding the bike on the Ring. You are not going to enjoy it.

  • If you're anywhere near here around lunchtime, go...

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