1947 Benetto not sure what model

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  • The latest project. A 1947 Benetto. I have because it has cambio corsa and because that is possibly the worst gear changing system ever conceived it is therefore something I find interesting.

    Spec 58 cm frame

    Speed Campagnolo Cambio Corsa gearing system

    4 speed Campy Corsa rear hub and freewheel, FB front hub , Fiamme 700c Rims

    Universal model 51 brake calipers

    Brooks professional saddle & seat clamp

    Steel stem and bars (I’m awaiting a correct stem expander bolt)

    Nice crankset - Magistroni style but no discernible markings

    Bertola brake levers (Argentinian)

    Georgia head set (Argentina - Campy copy)

    Visson front skewer (Argentina - Campy copy)

    The tyres will be replaced by dugast strada possibly.

    What I do need is an Italian quill.stem from the 40s. This stem does not clamp and I'm not sure I like it much.

    Various jobs to do but nothing major. Look at the clearance it has. Its gravel bike.

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  • Brake levers

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    • 15710427841226751610343821908110.jpg
  • Head badge

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  • Chainset

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  • One skewer removed to reveal the mechanism.

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  • That's lovely.

  • Does any one know what freewheel tool is need to get the everest super caimi castano freewheel off. None of the one I have fit and I have quite a few.

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  • Have you tried riding it yet? Interested to see how easy/hard it is to change gear. You hear stories from back in the day that some riders could do it single handed while still pedalling up a hill, but then others complained how horrible it was to use.

  • It needs s service before I ride it and pads too. The stem does not grip the starter either. Also there are no brake cables fitted and one of the cotters is not installed. Bought as an unfinished project.

    It wont be easy changing gear and with a 16 17 18 19t freewheel there is also no point.

    The hub axle did not spin freely prevent it working. It's just hard grease though
    Cups and cones fine. Freewheel needs to come of as I want to service that too.

  • The rear wheel moves in the dropouts when you shift?! Bloody hell...

  • Amazing find , sure you will do it justice . A freewheel remover for the old English single freewheels like TDC might be persuaded to fit .

  • Fingers near the spokes, what could possibly go wrong?

  • Yes quite. I live by that moto.

  • Of course in the stand it wont shift properly. I think I you need weight on the bike to get the wheel to move backwards and forward. A few parts to buy to get it rolling like a new quill stem unless I can find a suitable expander.

  • What a wonderful find!

    Clearly the Cambio Corsa was a dead end in bike development, but it had at least three notable successes:
    1948: Bartali's Tour de France. The power of prayer may have had an influence.
    1950: Coppi's Paris Roubaix. But Fausto did say that he won in spite of the gear, rather than because of it.
    1958: Keeler's End to End. Dave almost came to a halt with back ache, and I suspect the C.C. didn't help with this.

    As to this machine - I've never seen a block remover that would fit, so I would just oil the block and leave it in place - the sprockets would be fine for a TT on the Bath Road, just as long as you had a big enough chain ring!

    The brakes are a copy of the Italian Universal brand - the levers should have rubber covers, but I think you'd be very lucky to find any now.

    Anyway it looks a great project and I hope you manage to get many miles of riding from it.

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1947 Benetto not sure what model

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