• Trek Procaliber

    I have one too! its awesome! Looks like yours has Bontrager carbon wwheels?

  • It's the 9.8 sl model from 2019 that retailed for quite a hefty sum and I feared that there would be a flurry of bids at the last minute but I ended up winning it as the only bidder for what I think was a pretty sweet price.

    It should be winging it's way to me soon and then I just need to actually work on some MTB skills because despite achieving minor podium places in a couple of XC races in Cambodia on my old Cotic Solaris I still think I'm pretty useless.

    First thing to swap will be to a shorter stem, so I'm happy to hear recommendations for something flattish and kind of cool looking. So far I've been eyeing up the Orbea OC3 stem:

  • I won't lie seeing yours was part of the inspiration for me getting one! Yep they're the Kovee elite 30 model although according to reviews they're fairly hefty weightwise even in comparison to some alloy models.

  • woof, can I ask how much you paid for it? PM me if you want :)

  • No I don't mind sharing it was £1560 including the seller dropping it off at my families place. I will still have to make the trip there and bring it back to Switzerland but that will allow me to dodge import tax so it's a fair trade-off.

  • thats cheap! Esp your is OCLV700 carbon too.

  • and you have a dropper too! Do you mind sharing how the dropper cable is route?

  • I thought so, I found the same model being sold second hand, in a size too large, here for north of £3000 so I figured it was worth the trip back home for.

  • Only have the pics to go off so far but it seems to be routed internally through the right hand side of the headtube and then stays internal all the way. Must admit when I've borrowed bikes with droppers in the past I've never really made full use of them so maybe I'll end up swapping back to a rigid post.

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  • So after my sram Rival 1 derailleur died on my curve (excess of winter salt, they really go crazy with it here in Switzerland!) I thought I'd take the time to do something I've been pondering for a while which is to switch the groupset to electronic 2x. My reason being that whilst I'm a big fan of 1x there are a lot more hills here and so I notice the gaps between gears more and find myself running out of range at both ends of the 11-42 cassette. As for the electronic part as someone who frequently breaks down their bikes for travel I think it will make my life easier and otherwise why the hell not now I finally have a paying job!

    Groupset of choice is Shimano GRX (mostly because I hate Sram's FD shifting) but with a lighter aftermarket crank, hopefully Easton EC90 Sl with the 46-30 chainrings. I want to do an internal routing job but the frame has no cable entry ports. I thought about using a headset solution like the Ritchey Logic-E but it seems like a lot of work. So instead I dropped the frame off at a local framebuilder this week to have some holes drilled.

    He'll be adding a reinforced hole at the top of the downtube, expanding a drainage hole in the bottom bracket shell for the RD cable, adding a hole in the seatube for FD cable and modifying the cable stop for the rear brake hose which has always pissed me off. Obviously this will mess up the paint so I'll be getting a re-paint. At the same time I'll be having my Silca frame pump painted to match.

    Given that I'm super indecisive with paint colours I'm looking for recommendations, at the moment I'm torn between a dark metallic grey/charcoal or something in the olive green/grey spectrum? The painter works with RAL colours so if anyone has suggested codes or examples let me know!

  • @Brommers bike is a BIG inspiration colourwise:

  • Or this:

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  • And the frame is back from the builders. It being Switzerland I was expecting them to charge a bit but it was only the equivalent of £50. The paint damage isn’t actually that bad so I might just give the sections a rattle can for now and wait a bit for a full respray. Bike24 should be delivering some Di2 bits soon then I just need the final bits like cables and a rear brake calliper which was annoyingly out of stock.

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  • That looks quite good! Can I ask who you used for the job?

  • No problem it was Wim Kolb (Kolb rahmenbau: https://kolb-rahmenbau.ch/) in Zurich. Nice guy and has a cool workshop full of interesting looking bikes. He also does frame-building courses which I would be interested to do once I am actually in need of a new bike.

  • Thanks! Have considered doing a framebuilding course with him as well. Do you need a post-mount or flat-mount caliper? got some fm ones (think 7000) you could have for cheap.

  • any update on the trek?

  • I wish! It's currently sat with family in the UK while I'm still in Switzerland. I'd hoped to be able to take a trip back to visit them and collect it by now but I don't think that'll be happening for a while. A shame because it would have be really fun with all the snow on the trails here. I'm really liking your Talbot build by the way!

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Some bikes (Specialized AWOL and Curve GXR) and a lot of DIY bikepacking bags and racks.

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