• Due to a project that has gone horribly wrong...Reilly XCr stainless steel frame to follow (when I get it).

    These wheels are new and unused and comes with skewers and have new IRC tubeless tyres (just needs sealant) 25mm front and 28mm rear...inc spare spokes etc.

    Tyres cost about £100 from The Cycleclinic...price includes a bottle of sealant too and rim tape etc.

    If anyone is interested...I will post photos.

    Wheels in postage=£280
    Wheels +tyres=£350

    Either post (PayPal +4.5% to meet pp fees) or meet at Kings Cross Station on either next Saturday morning or possibly next Wednesday morning.

    These are new...Shimano/SRAM 8-11 speed.

  • Hmm... Tempting... Pics?

  • I am out... so tomorrow or possibly late this afternoon.

  • As an alternative:

    The wheels plus Hutchinson Sector 28mm tyres (x2) still boxed and unused....£300 inc postage/delivery.

  • Photos as asked for....sale does not include the cassette.

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  • He has bought a set...already spoke (pardon the pun) to him.

  • Fantastic wheels - based just down the road from me too (just different style that I was looking for). They'll be snapped up for sure!!

  • What's the story with the Reilly frame please?

  • Long story...send you a pm...he is a lovely guy but not the quickest.

  • I have a set of these and love them, have a free bump (and an excuse for a photo from my recent Alps trip so you can see them.in the wild)

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  • Lovely photo... thank you...if no one is interested...I will keep them...unlike in many of my sales...I regularly reduce the price...not this time...I will take a smallish reduction on price but not very much.

  • Bump for a great seller. Nye is a top bloke.

  • How wide do the tyres measure on those rims? IRC ones (25 front, 28 back)
    Been googling images of polished wheels to imagine if they’d suit my steel bike with black groupset.

  • Bit late tonight...and I am working tomorrow...back at 16.30...i will measure it then....I am getting a Gazelle 531 D/B frame and asked the seller if it would take the 25/28 tyres and the seller...a shop said it would...the rims are fairly wide...so they don't look enormous by any standards.

    Don't have a vernier..so it will not be totally accurate but will do my best to be as accurate as poss...what size would work for you?

  • 28 would work for me. Just asking to check as per hunt website (https://help.huntbikewheels.com/support/­solutions/articles/43000490174-how-wide-­are-my-tyres-including-fitted-tyre-width­-table-) some 28s can measure almost 30 on those rims. Which would be too wide. Varies per tyre

  • Happily measure them tomorrow...but remember, I can sell the wheels without the rear tyre and you can get another 25mm tyre for the rear....I would reduce the price accordingly....£310 posted/delivered....Kings Cross Station... Thursday/Saturday of this week.

  • Or I can remove the IRC rear if it is too big and include a Hutchinson Sector 28mm tyre which measures according to Hunt as 28mm....that would work and I will reduce the price by £40....the rear IRC cost £55 and us new....£310...or with both Hutchinson Sector 28mm tyres for ...£275..so a little reduction....PayPal +4.5%....cash price as stated.

  • Sector 28s measure 29mm on the 4season aero wheels, same width as the sprints. So they would be too wide for me. Potentially IRC might be narrower.
    No rush to measure them, whenever you get a chance

  • Ok... measure them tomorrow...but you would be ok with 25mm front and rear? I would remove the rear 28mm and give you a discount as stated earlier.

  • Thanks a lot, I have already got that sorted. Have a bump!

  • Here is a photo of the Hutchinson Sector 28mm tyres and sealant.

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  • Price drop....wheels>£270

    Wheels and tyres>£340

    I will measure actual size of tyres on the rims tomorrow.

  • Dibs wheels only posted. Busy morning but will pm this afternoon.


Price reduction: Hunt Aero wide sprint wheels in silver-new (tubeless) now with photos

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