• Its cool to see other peoples workspaces, anyone keen to share theirs? How do you make your space as efficient/effective/comfortable as possible? Any new tools that you're super syked about but noone irl understands? Brag about it here!

    Ill whack some photos of my little space tomorow


  • Here’s mine.

    It’s little more than a lock up garage with no power. I have a couple of rechargeable lights so I can continue working into the evenings.

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  • nice one!

    I completely forgot i made this thread, ill post some pics of my space

  • pics

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  • Pffft, lights and power sockets, you're spoiled! I'll bet there's even a radiator in there?!

    In all seriousness though, nice selection of tube blocks, is that the Bicycle Academy set?

    Lathe/mill thing looks interesting too.

  • haha yeah its not a bad space.
    The tube blocks are the bicycle academy ones yeah. Tbh i'm not really that sure why i bought them. They were expensive as shit and i could've just made them. But they are nice.

    the lathe is an old myford, from 1946, its awesome. I really like having it around, while small, it gets a lot done

  • Yeah I got my dad to make me mine. There’s 4 of them stacked up on the end of my bench in the middle image.

    I’d love my own lathe. I was going through some old photos recently and found one of the massive lathe I passed on about 10 years ago when the uni my dad worked for were moving out of a campus. It was a proper big industrial thing. What was I thinking?!

  • massive lathe I passed on about 10 years ago when the uni my dad worked for were moving out of a campus. It was a proper big industrial thing. What was I thinking?!

    Oh no yeah that wouldve been awesome. its such a handy thing to have around. To be honest you can get them quite cheap, a small one at least. Every so often they pop up on http://www.lathes.co.uk/page3.html/

  • My dad has a small Warco combo lathe/mill but it is really hobby quality, lots of slop in the ways etc.

    I’ll keep my eye on that page though I still don’t actually have anywhere to put one.

  • Thats the nice thing about the older machines, they are usually made to higher standard as long as theyre not super used, they usually work pretty well

  • In an effort to try to get things moving, I'm posting a couple of pics of my "to be" workshop. Right now, its just a corridor with a load of tat piled up in it. But someday soon it will be my workshop, oh yes! We have electrics (at the moment, just evidenced by one bulkhead light) - sorry, M_V. I'll either build or buy a good bench, and then start acquiring the rest of the bits I need.

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  • exciting, looks like itll be a nice spot. You can even have a climb when you don't wanna build frames

  • I need to sell the climbing stuff. That was a lifetime ago! Its a bit daunting, to be honest. So much stuff to sort through... And I have to find somewhere to relocate it all.

  • just wondering mate, what model is that r-tech welder? i'm looking at the 161 (AC/DC, 160 amp, "analog")

  • My one is the digital dc one. This one


    I only do steel so didnt need ac. The digital-ness is nice, especially for the framebuilding. Often i'm fiddling with the amperage, mid welding. Its really nice to be able to control the amperage +/- 5 amps and not wonder how much you're changing it. I only bought the digital because it was on sale at the time, but it is very worth it.

    I really like it, The only small thing i dont like is sometimes the high freq start isnt massively consistent at low amps. But its not a major issue, and is a given with lower cost machines.

  • that's interesting you should say that. i assumed the analog one still had a readout accurate to 1amp tho?

  • huh i've just had to explore a bit more and been forced to reconsider! thanks for the input

  • ok hah ignore what i said actually, for some reason i thought the analogue one had no DRO but it does.
    It looks like the major difference between the two in terms of the screen is the wave "illustration" that shows the amperage/time at different stages of the weld. Which is nice to have but not vital.

    The memory is nice as well, but also not really that important. Tho i have used it for switching quickly between different settings in different places, i.e welding at the headtube and welding dropouts which i use slightly different settings for.

  • this little chat gave me pause for thought because i was literally going to pull the trigger on the TIG161 yesterday, but ended up forking out a couple of hundred more for the 170 instead (digital, much higher duty cycle, more features i probably can't understand, few more amps at the top end).

    my logic was that you'll never regret having a tool with more features than you use, but you will regret one with a less-than-smooth interface. i managed to blag a little discount off them which takes some of the sting out.

  • Nice One! Thats exciting, i'm sure it'll be great, i've only had positive experiences with Rtech.

    The UI on mine is nice, certainly helps. Especially when i was starting, the diagram makes its easier to figure out what your changing, especially with pulse. I'm sure this is even more relevant with AC and other more involved stuff.

  • cheers. i must be the only chump in the UK with no fucking time on his hands these days. i'm childcaring 9-5 while my wife works then doing my own work in the evenings. so no idea when i'll get to play with this, although i have some pieces that need doing.

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Framebuilding (or other) Workspace/Workshop/Shed/Kitchen appreciation

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