• Its cool to see other peoples workspaces, anyone keen to share theirs? How do you make your space as efficient/effective/comfortable as possible? Any new tools that you're super syked about but noone irl understands? Brag about it here!

    Ill whack some photos of my little space tomorow


  • Here’s mine.

    It’s little more than a lock up garage with no power. I have a couple of rechargeable lights so I can continue working into the evenings.

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  • nice one!

    I completely forgot i made this thread, ill post some pics of my space

  • pics

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  • Pffft, lights and power sockets, you're spoiled! I'll bet there's even a radiator in there?!

    In all seriousness though, nice selection of tube blocks, is that the Bicycle Academy set?

    Lathe/mill thing looks interesting too.

  • haha yeah its not a bad space.
    The tube blocks are the bicycle academy ones yeah. Tbh i'm not really that sure why i bought them. They were expensive as shit and i could've just made them. But they are nice.

    the lathe is an old myford, from 1946, its awesome. I really like having it around, while small, it gets a lot done

  • Yeah I got my dad to make me mine. There’s 4 of them stacked up on the end of my bench in the middle image.

    I’d love my own lathe. I was going through some old photos recently and found one of the massive lathe I passed on about 10 years ago when the uni my dad worked for were moving out of a campus. It was a proper big industrial thing. What was I thinking?!

  • massive lathe I passed on about 10 years ago when the uni my dad worked for were moving out of a campus. It was a proper big industrial thing. What was I thinking?!

    Oh no yeah that wouldve been awesome. its such a handy thing to have around. To be honest you can get them quite cheap, a small one at least. Every so often they pop up on http://www.lathes.co.uk/page3.html/

  • My dad has a small Warco combo lathe/mill but it is really hobby quality, lots of slop in the ways etc.

    I’ll keep my eye on that page though I still don’t actually have anywhere to put one.

  • Thats the nice thing about the older machines, they are usually made to higher standard as long as theyre not super used, they usually work pretty well

  • In an effort to try to get things moving, I'm posting a couple of pics of my "to be" workshop. Right now, its just a corridor with a load of tat piled up in it. But someday soon it will be my workshop, oh yes! We have electrics (at the moment, just evidenced by one bulkhead light) - sorry, M_V. I'll either build or buy a good bench, and then start acquiring the rest of the bits I need.

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  • exciting, looks like itll be a nice spot. You can even have a climb when you don't wanna build frames

  • I need to sell the climbing stuff. That was a lifetime ago! Its a bit daunting, to be honest. So much stuff to sort through... And I have to find somewhere to relocate it all.

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Framebuilding (or other) Workspace/Workshop/Shed/Kitchen appreciation

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