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  • Some of you on here already know that i run a wheelbuilding business but i think it's time to make it more official . Website and social media is work in progress but the other than that everything is up and running.
    I do custom wheelbuilding, rebuilds and hub servicing plus bike builds and servicing and I'm happy to help out with whatever bike issues you may have.
    I also sell custom cut Sapim spokesmcut and threaded on a Morizumi spoke machine. I do stock majority of spokes in black plus some of the more exotic offerings from Sapim that are hard to get, mainly Force spokes for ultimate service life and CX Sprint spokes. Cx Sprint is Cx Rays stiffer cousing which will still fit through non-slotted spoke holes.
    I also hold small stock of Pillar bladed spokes. Not as lush as Sapim ,but they can be had slightly cheaper if budget is smaller.
    You can also get rims and hubs from me. Kinlin, Eternity and some carbon options for rims. Hubs from Bitex in various configurations and colors and other brands too.
    Workshop is based in Nunhead.
    You can hit me up on here or get me on Instagram to see samples of work and things

  • +1 for Marcin, excellent service, 'bomb-proof' wheels, top guy!

  • Excellent development. You should post @Skülly video of you building wheels from years ago.

    Have always had super service and help from you so glad to see things are going well.

  • Yep. Plus one from me. Wheels still not needed truing in about 2 years. Just had another set built. Absolute pro and a lovely man!

  • Another happy customer here. One wheel rebuild, and three wheelsets: cargo bike, a neo-retro road and road fixed.

  • Ha, was going to ask for a recommendation - just in the process of looking for someone to build me some wheels for my pre-cursa project. I will be in touch as soon as funds permit!

    Edit - love the website so far.

  • Finally! Great to see this taking off, i've had numerous wheels built by Marcin over the years and have always been really happy with them.

    Good luck dude, i'll be in touch soon.

  • Thanks for all the kind words.
    Also, it's Martin with a T.


  • Also I was meant to say , happy to work with supplied/used components rims and hubs. Spokes probably too but can't vouch the quality/service life of them.

  • I love the video so much. Would really like to make another one in due course
    @Skülly ??

  • Kinlin rims. What's shallow and light that you can get or would suggest?

    Will be on to you for a quote in the not so distant future I suspect

  • Depends on the spoke count, rider weight and intended use.
    If you using 32/32 hubs XR22 is fine but i'd use 26t for everything else.

  • 28/28, ~65kg
    Weekend dry miles only. Suppose 4mm extra depth would be fine but I'd really like them shallow

    I do like the new open pros with the wobbly looking rims. Can you get those?

  • Can’t really believe that was eight years ago! Time to do you a nice ARKane ad. I’ll be in touch.

  • Yes i can. They are really nice unlike the older ones.
    Or XR22 in shotblasted finish and assymetric rear.

  • Also, it's Martin with a T.

    I know, so i'm not really sure where Marcin came from.

    @alsoPhilDAS i've got Arkane XR22's on the CAAD and really like them.

  • sure where Marcin came from.

    Amey started it.

  • I apologise ! 😄

  • Oh Amy what were you thinking?

  • Martin has built my wheels for a good few years. Mostly recently for Silk Road.
    I smash them and they're still true.

    Well recommended.

  • Regarding website: please please please make it Harry Rowlandesque and list products you refuse to work with plus tag line akin to 'the customer is always wrong'.

    And good luck

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Arkane Wheelworks

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