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  • Speak to Simon, ask them to build with a Surly fork?

    Reasoning behind rim brake front disc rear is to make the most comfortable fork possible

  • Reasoning behind rim brake front disc rear is to make the most comfortable fork possible

    Thanks for confirming. Current thinking is extra comfort > a bit of extra stopping power.

    Considering Mercury Rolhoff or something custom from Stayer.

    Not in a rush for this so will spend some time pondering.

  • Is a V brake that bad?

  • I love my v’s and Rolhoff set up.

  • I'm suggesting it isn't that bad.

  • @ChasnotRobert, ah of course.

    I've been riding an Thorn 853 audax bike with Shimano R650 brakes and 9 speed Ultegra shifters and the braking performance is excellent. It's the best braking performance after discs and Vs. I was considering putting a disc fork and getting a tab brazed on the rear but not sure it will add much but dont think I need it will probably get the frame and forks sprayed and tart it up.

    It's also one of those frames built by Lee cooper with sealed tubes so I better give it shake to see if it's full of water!

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  • Thanks, hope it's all dry inside!

    I'm wanting reasonably fat tyres for this bike so it's either Vs or discs.

    How do you find the 853 frame? Thorn says the Mercury is 853 with 725 stays so I'm guessing will ride similar.

  • @ChasnotRobert, I hope it's dry inside too as I love it.

    I really like the ride but I'll be honest and say I'm no expert on frame material. I'm not 100% sure about the carbon fork so will swap back to the steel fork before deciding about respray and rebuild.

    Over on the Thorn forum there's much more talk about the ride quality of the various tubesets from folks who have had a lot of Thorns.

    If you're near E11 you're welcome to pop in for a socially distanced chat and even take it for a ride if it helps.

  • yes, buy a disc brake'd genesis or something

  • @amey you're the devil on my shoulder! I like the old frame with DP brakes and that's its hand made and fillet grazed.

  • @Rhobbs would you have any idea of the geometry of the old 853 audaxes? Looking at the largest size and wondering if they have the same 72 seat angle of the current and more recent Audax models?

  • @jupiz try the link below, which is on the Thorn Cycles forum.­topic=6975.0
    This thread has links to Wayback machine with a LOT of the archives from Thorn. You'll find the 853 Audax brochure there.

    Also have a look around the forum as a couple of the members are into the 853s. I don't think they made the 853's for long, I think maybe two or three years before they changed to their proprietary tubing.

    If you don't get anywhere PM I have a copy the PDF for the year of my 853.
    Also if the fork is original you Thorn normally stamp the size and style (S=Short or L=Long top tube), e.g. 567L on the steerer tube.
    I think there's also a builder's initials on the serial number, from memory LA is Lee Cooper.
    I have a list of the builders they used from Thorn's workshop manager, which I'll post later.

  • Cheers, I’ve already gone through that with no luck unfortunately. Looking at the 595l which I can find the stand over and top tube for, but was hoping to find whether the seat tube is as slack as the current thorns which was my issue on the largest size. Fantastic bikes otherwise.

  • @jupiz, ahh OK. Theres an app you get for your phone to measure isn't there?

  • Speculating about purchasing one so whilst I do, it isn’t much use

  • @jupiz, good luck tracking down the HTA and STA. It's probably not much use but you're welcome to have a look at my 565L if you're in London. I'm E11.

    The big failing on all the 853 sis the paintwork, it was known as being shoddy. On my own one the top coat has "crazed" quite badly so I'm planning a refurb.

    They're cracking bikes, I used my bike with the carbon Condor fork for a while but have gone back to the steel fork.
    Good luck.

  • fraid not!

    But email and sarah / robin would be able to advise!

  • Order from sjs arrived today.
    The box was filled with two large bags of shredded paper which weighed more than the order. Odd.

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  • How are you supposed to work out what size Thorn would be right for you? They don't include reach measurements in their sizing tables.

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  • They are very into standover height, possibly at the expense of other metrics you might like to assess.

  • speak directly to sales!

  • Thorn were banging that PDF game wayyyyyyy before Fairlight came to play

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Thorn Cycles; SJS Cycles

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