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  • Hello all!

    Thought it would be a good place for my general ramblings about sjs / thorn.

    New bikes, new products, special bargains etc!

    Happy to answer questions and queries here.

    If it’s Brompton directly, just email or thorn is

    First up,

    Nomad MK3 with Belt drive!

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  • Are you SJS Cycles then?

  • I work there yes, sjs is a trading name of thorn cycles

  • I always had tremendous service from SJS, including when I was shopping around for a Thorn tandem. Love what you guys do.

  • sjs is a trading name of thorn cycles

    Oh is it? I didn't know that. As per @ough I've always had a great experience with SJS, even for the smallest most obscure part.

  • Thank you both,

    Small parts and spares, no one makes money selling groupsets for 40% off..

    Need a small shimano / hope / sturmey part, if its available then we have it.

    Nothing better than keeping stuff going rather than the new fit and replace in 6 months products.

  • Yeah, always had first class service from SJS, if your looking for odd stuff that nobody else does, SJS is the place.

  • Nomad MK3 with Belt drive!

    @Howard is already shaking his head.

  • Doesn't Robin think disc forks are the devil's work?

  • I have not asked him personally! it’s obvious that a rim brake fork is able to be much more compliant therefore comfortable though

  • We resisted designing a steel disc fork - because we knew that a reliable disc fork could never be as comfortable as our Reynolds Super Tourist V brakefork - and it’s not!

    To be fair he has a point.

  • It’s accurate, test ride the bikes a few times a month, definitely a disc brake lover, but the v brake bikes are obviously a tad more comfy

  • .

  • @BareNecessities look at the way that Rohloff is laced up. Look familiar?

  • Oooo yes, 1x lacing. Mr. Rohloff would not be impressed. Unless they are 24" wheels and it's just a tiny bike.

  • Another to always have had great service from SJS, indispensable for all those little bits and bobs!

    A Thorn frame came my way recently and I was intriugued and puzzled by it from a framebuilding perspective, all the tubes were sealed, no breather holes. Even the bottle bosses were blind ended inserts.

    Needless to say it was full of water and the tubes had rusted from the inside out.

    Drilling a drain hole in the bb shell and whether or not to seal up breather holes are topics often discussed but never seemingly resolved on internet cycling forums, this was the first time I'd actually had a sealed up frame in hand and it gave me all the answers I need!

  • Needless to say it was full of water

    Wasn't sealed then was it?

  • Not sealed enough to stop it getting in bit sealed enough to stop it getting out.

  • So properly sealed would be fine presumably

  • IDEA: Maybe it came pre-filled with water?

    No. No, I’m just adding noise to the thread. Sorry.

    (+1 for SJS and their overflowing hard-to-get-parts bins)

  • Jtek stuff is really great stuff for the niche components you'd never even thought of. So well made thanks for stocking it.­=jtek

  • oof. much stackage on that belt drive thorn.

  • So damn good. Gets people out of so many pickles!

  • Oh that’s nothing!

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Thorn Cycles; SJS Cycles

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