Introducing myself and my bikes..

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  • Hi all. I’m a long time lurker on the forum and thought I’d finally get around to posting up my bikes.
    I’m a nurse/midwife from Western Australia and just love cycling. I’m obsessed with bikes and always tinkering and building.

    Currently I have three bikes, a Cannondale CAAD 10, Cannondale Capo Track, and my cyclocross bike which started out as a giant Cross City flat bar road bike.

    I’ll post more details on them later! Here’s some pics of the CAAD10 before and after for now.

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  • Frame - 2013 Cannondale CAAD10 63cm
    Fork - 3T Funda Pro
    Hanger - Cannondale
    Headset - FSA Orbit with carbon top cap
    Seatpost clamp - Cannondale with Ti bolt
    Seatpost - Hylix 27.2
    Seat - Fabric Tri Elite with Ti rails
    Stem - Kalloy Uno with Ti bolts
    Bar - Cannondale Escape Hanger Carbon 42cm
    Bartape - Supacaz Super Sticky Kush
    Bottle cages and hardware - alloy bolts
    Outer Cables - Aican Bungaru
    Inner Cables - BBB PTFE coated
    Brakes - KCNC CB9
    Front derailleur - Ultegra 6800 braze-on
    Rear derailleur - Ultegra 6800 short cage
    Crankset - Ultegra 6800 52/36, 175mm
    Bottom Bracket - KCNC BB30-24mm
    Chain - KMC X11-SL
    Shifters - Ultegra 6800
    Cassette - Ultegra R8000 11-28

    Hubs - Aivee SR2
    Spokes - Sapim Super
    Rims - Kinlin XR22

    Inntertubes - Vittoria Super Lite 18-23
    Tires - Michelin Power Competition 700x25c
    Pedals - Garmin Vector (upgraded to Vector 2 pods)
    Garmin mount - K-Edge with Ti bolts - 31g

    Pictured above with some borrowed Aeolus 5’s 😃 7.5kg with my usual clinchers pictured below .. maybe some new wheels when I finish my postgraduate degree!

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  • Noiceeeee. Is that paint custom?

  • Strong start - that's one lovely bike!

    And welcome

  • mmmm looks pretty banging with the deep sections. Love a good CAAD10.

  • Yep, I picked up the frame on eBay originally cheaply as NOS with no fork, eventually finding a NOS 3T funda pro fork from an oem focus .. so had ghetto mismatched paint for a while .. the bike has been through three different build phases so far .. firstly it was built up with FSA SL-K finishing kit and a rag tag ensemble of Ultegra 6800 bits from ebay and gumtree, a KCNC BB30 converter, and then I stuck some KCNC C1 brakes on there which were ridiculously light but so flexy.. I had Jagwire Elite Link cables on it which were pretty cool.
    That was a great bike for climbing and at the time I had a Propel Advanced with 50mm carbon clinchers which was a typical aero bike .. stiff, very good handling and quick on the flats but porky, so between the two I had a good mix.
    Then my friend wanted to build up his Cinelli Experience and bought a complete SRAM Red 10 speed group set with hardly any miles on it, but then got a CAAD12 frame and I convinced him he couldn’t put an older group set on it (like brown shoes with a black belt..) so I gave him my Ultegra and decided to try SRAM Red and go back to 10 speed .. it ended up being 6.85kg in this guise even with the SL-K stuff (stem and seatpost are pretty heavy..) it looked great and I like DoubleTap but could NOT get on with the hood shape, on the inside face the rubber hood is just draped over a big gap where the shifter mechanism is .. it feels like the soft spot on a babies head and I don’t like it, on a Shimano hood that’s where I hook my thumb around. Here’s a pic of it in that guise ..
    After I couldn’t get on with the SRAM I thought maybe I’d break it down, sold the SRAM group set and pondered selling the frame .. sold off most of the components, and used the wheel set on my Propel when I went to the hills. But a chunky XL aero frame looks a bit funny with shallow wheel set..
    My wife convinced me not to sell the CAAD, and to get it painted because I love the ride feel and a 63cm Cannondale frame fits me so well with a 130mm stem. So I actually sold the Propel and decided to build up the CAAD as a keeper..

    Originally I wanted a simple paint job .. red with white decals, when I went to see the painter Cameron at CycleColor he was so enthusiastic we ended up mixing up a custom colour and he was so stoked with the colour he decided to paint all the logos on and gave me a big discount on the labour .. his work is second to none if you’re in Perth..

    I got him to custom paint some carbon bidon cages in the same colour as the logos as I was having trouble finding something that complemented the frame.

    It was a big expense in the end but well worth it. I went with a Hylix seatpost (lighter than the FSA SL-K) and Kalloy Uno stem to save a little weight but after I got some Cannondale carbon bars for a song recently I may change all the finishing kit over to the carbon cannondale stuff, it’s really nice and can be cheap if found secondhand from someone upgrading an Evo.

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  • This isn't even your final form?

  • Nope .. it’ll probably change a bit in the next few months ..

    I’d like to change to a Cannondale SAVE seatpost .. C1 stem, and I’d like to change over to a Stages power meter and back to Keo 2 Max or Blade pedals with Ti spindles to save a bit of weight.

    When I finish my postgrad I’d like some carbon clincher wheels of my own .. something reasonably shallow like Aeolus 3’s or Reynolds Attack .. it’s a climbing bike after all. If I can’t get the bottom bracket to stop creaking I’ll be going to a Hambini BB as he seems to know his stuff and the engineering makes sense to me.

  • Here’s some even earlier pics of the first build guise and one of when I first picked the frame up from the painter. I used to pinch the wheels from my Propel which made it so fun. Deep wheels are fun.

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  • Nice beach.!

  • Here’s a few of my old bikes.. I used to be a retro tragic and had stacks of Peugeot’s including a Ventoux 501 I found on the roadside and repaired and a Galibier 531 I bought, a Colnago Master, a CAAD 3 and many others I’ll have to find some pics for, here’s one of my favourites I got for $250 with a stuck seatpost from a very good friend.. A Kestrel 200SCi with full Dura Ace 7400. I loved these bikes but being quite tall (194cm) I found a lot of these big frames with lots of seat post and stem sticking out really flexy and not great descenders, so I decided to try modern bikes with initially a Giant Defy and then my first Propel. This was a revelation - stiff, and lighter, and really started me on the path to training and getting faster.
    I then upgraded that Propel to a better model Advanced 1 with full carbon fork, alloy/carbon SLR clinchers, Pro VIBE bars, and Fouriers brakes (the originals were shit) it was a great bike and still the best descending bike I’ve ever ridden. But 8.25kg as pictured.. 7.85kg with my custom build alloy wheels (1460g) it was just too heavy for my liking.
    Hence I moved on to the CAAD which I love.. it climbs and sprints well, I’m still not 100% confident on really fast (well >65km/h) technical descending which is down to a bit of flex in the front end and I’m hoping changing stems to something stiffer will assist with that. The cannondale bars are a bit flexy but I think it’s more rotational movement which is more likely to be the stem fingers crossed. The straight fork is pretty stiff so it’s not there. Wheels similarly are well built but I’d like to try some descents on my mates Aeolus 3’s.

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  • Ooh and I’ll go to tan walls on the CAAD once the Michelin’s wear out.

  • My cyclocross bike started life as a Giant Cross City RX 0 flat bar .. 105 5700 10 speed, Tektro mini V brakes, I didn’t keep any photo’s as I always planned on changing stuff anyway. But it looked something like this .. thankfully mine had some better Mavic Aksium wheels.
    I read a lot of conflicting things about geometries and stuff, this one essentially has slack road geometry which seemed appropriate for a CX/gravel bike, and I haven’t had any issues with bottom bracket height. I put a set of FSA Wing Pro bars on it and a pair of 105 5700 road shifters and changed it to a zero offset seat post and to be honest it’s fine, feels very much like an endurance road geometry.
    I hate the look of V brakes, and it HAD to have canti’s, so I stuck some Tektro 720’s on it and a seatpost clamp hanger and headset spacer hanger to make it all work. It’s pretty good .. not amazing braking power but works okay for me so far. In the future I would like to put the bits on a proper cyclocross frame, like a CAAD X.
    If anyone’s interested in this mash up I’ll get some better pictures.

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  • I’ll get some pictures of my Capo this afternoon. It’s a CAAD5 with track ends basically. I have it as bought at the minute and waiting for the funds to make it my own.

  • " but could NOT get on with the hood shape, on the inside face the rubber hood is just draped over a big gap where the shifter mechanism is .. it feels like the soft spot on a babies head and I don’t like it"

    This is so spot on, did lol

  • 😃 you lfgss guys are a friendly bunch.. no one bothers to reply on weightweenies unless you can show receipts that you’ve spent more on your bike than the GDP of a small country or had it whittled out of carbon fibre by some wisened old man in a German Forrest ..

  • I don't like the look of V-brakes either, but man, I would never go back to cantis after tasting proper braking power provided by the former. Your bike turned out looking great though!

  • you lfgss guys are a friendly bunch

    Just you wait...

  • no one bothers to reply on weightweenies


  • I know.. but I just had to have cantis ..

  • Gold and red? Reaaaaaly? It shouldn’t work. But yet, it does. Well.

  • Weird isn’t it? I gave the painter free reign and he has done an excellent job with a result I would never have thought of.

  • Here’s my Capo. It’s a 63cm frame like my CAAD10 and the geometry is pretty similar.
    As bought it had an alloy seatpost and cheap saddle, and some 44cm anatomic bend bars (blergh) and a 110mm stem. No brakes, and 50x14 gear on some Soma cranks with an FSA chainring. The wheels are actually not bad - Velocity Escape tubular rims, Sapim race spokes, and 32h Miche Primato hi-flange hubs. They’ve got a pair of basically unused 21mm Vittoria Pista tubs glued to them which I’ve added some sealant too.
    Currently it’s been hastily set up for road riding with what I had lying around - another Fabric Tri saddle, Hylix Carbon seatpost, 130mm Kalloy Uno stem, FSA Pro Wing 42cm bars and a ratty Ultegra 6800 front brake with an interrupter lever, and Look Keo 2 Max pedals. I also changed the chainring to a 48t Miche and put a 16t Miche cog on the back making 78ish gear inches, which is okay for my local hills though maybe a 17t cog would be nice, as an 18t felt too short.
    Commuting on tubs long term is too much excitement for me so I’ll have to have a think about that.

    I’d like to change the cranks and BB also.

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  • that red paint scheme is so good

  • Thanks 🙏🏼

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Introducing myself and my bikes..

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