• I'll keep it short.

    My first real bike was a Scott Windriver. I wanted a mountainbike and, back in 1991, that was the best I could afford (I was 18, studying and broke).

    This is me on an autumn ride back in 1991.

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  • I've had several mountainbikes since but never again a Scott... untill some years ago (my midlife crisis, I guess) this retro thing infected me.

    So to start with, I searched for the same bike that had it all started for me. And after some months of scrolling through ebay and other Marketplaces, I found one in Germany. The bike was sold as a complete bike (as good as catalog spec) so I just had to give it a decent clean.

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  • But back in 1991 I was dreaming of the Windriver's big brother: the Pro Racing. Columbus Max tubing and XT all over it.

    Number two arrived as a frameset and after some weeks it ended up like this:

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  • cool bikes but that bike in the first picture looks like it's shrunk.. Have you done something with the photo?? confused...

  • My hunger remained and 2 more Scotts from the 1991 collection ended in my barn: a Jr Racing (24" kids bike for my son) and an XC Fun 700c. Pictures to follow.

  • Haha, the photo was taken from some meters higher and I suppose that gives the strange effect. Probably also because it's a photo I took (with my phone) from an old photo. But it was a 18 (or 19) inch back then too.

  • In 1993 is started racing. I sold the Windriver (needed funds for the new bike: a Trek 8700) but my "love" for Scott remained. I was secretly dreaming of becoming a team member of the Belgian Scott team because they had these super cool and skinny Pro Racing bikes. I recently found a frame somewhere in Poland and I already had a M900 XTR somewhere. I'm still looking for some decent forks for it (SRP 1). Scan from the 1993 catalogue and current state of mine:

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  • For this year's summer holiday (a bike tour through Vercors and Alps in France) I didn't want to ride my Breezer Thunder. Last year it suffered hard from bad weather (resulting in some rust) so I looked for a cheap frame. I found a 1993 Windriver frameset in Germany and turned it into a semi-modern 26" tourer bike.

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  • While searching for parts for these (and other) projects, I inevitably encountered other interesting Scott branded stuff, among which this 1995 Team Racing frame. Catalog pic and seller's photo:

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  • My -provisionally- last find: a 1990 Boulder. This one may end in the classifieds (after it's been brought back to life) as it's a tadd to small for me. Pictures to follow.

  • Lovely stuff mate! How will you build this 1995 one up? Going for catalog specs?

  • Thanks, @vp1337
    I'll try to stay as close to catalog specs but without spending stupid money on details. When I don't find the "right" parts, I'll go for era correct similar ones.

    I'll take the XT 737 groupset from my Colnago Master Alloy (I have an era correct 730 for that one) and found a 1995 Judy XC forks. Bars and other stuff will come from the spares box.

  • double post

  • Sounds like the perfect plan if you ask me. Keep us posted. :)

  • I expect the forks to arrive by tuesday so I'll have the build ready by wednesday, I guess. ;-)

  • love this. want one

  • As said, @cozey I'll soon have a 1990 Boulder for sale (16/17" - I need 18 or 19"). ;-)

  • Couldn't resist... bought this one on ebay today. My 5th from the 1991 catalogue. A Boulder frameset. Not sure what to do with it but might build my next summer's tourer from it. Love the colours of those early nineties Scott bikes.

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  • Listed after Scott’s of that era in my local shops too, ended up with a low end ‘Motion’ in the mid 90’s, not so cool!! will be interested to see the boulder when it’s done

  • My son's 1991 Jr Racing.

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  • Finished my 1993 Pro Racing today.

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  • Beauty!!!

  • Thanks, @v11boy

    The 1995 Team Racing is near completion too and next will be the 1991 Boulder. Decided to keep the Windriver for touring and build the Boulder with the era correct LX 7 speed groupset.

  • Very nice! How many different sets of outer did you have to try to find such a perfect match?

  • Thanks, @slothy

    I actually only tried one set. Found them on Google and ordered them. Guess I was lucky. ;-)

    Finding a perfectly matching bottle cage will be more difficult.

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Beam me up, Scotty - the never ending story of a retro Scott addiction

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