Pompetamine disc SS with ¿fancy? custom paint

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  • Recently built up a commuter Pompetamine for the winter, but predictably immediately got bored of it as it's far too similar to my commuter Pompino.

    Therefore decided to do something a bit different and build it up as a slightly fancier and lighter version of what I usually ride.

    Not racing or anything so not planning to spend loads on it, just get something nice to ride over my hilly 12 mile commute through the winter.


    • Stripped and DIY sprayed Pompetamine frame with a novelty crackle paint job. Don't mind if it doesn't last forever
    • Hylix thru axle fork
    • 2nd hand Hunt 4 seasons & 32c tubeless gravel kings
    • Decent carbon wideish bars
    • Low to midrange Shimano hydros
    • Force crankset
    • Single speed

    Hoping for around 8kg. No rack or other practical stuff as I already have the Pompino for that.

    Current guise - already sold the wheelset

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  • Started paint stripping with a drill and sander. Probably will be a couple of hours work in total.

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  • Fair play for stripping it by hand, it looks a ball ache! Although I guess the drill helps

  • Stripping it to bare metal will give you a worse base to paint on than a sand back, and a lot more effort

  • Paint preview...

    Just waiting for it to cure now and I'll add a couple of coats of clearcoat.

    It's quite hard to get a uniform finish so had to redo some bits.. won't look amazing but should look decent enough for £20 and a bit of work (and minor lung disease).

    In the mean time have amassed everything except annoying bits to do with disc brake compatibility. Should make a start tomorrow with the wheels.

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  • The crackle effect was too inconsistent in the end so I painted over it, leaving an interesting 'leather' sort of effect. Paint is really fragile though, so just going to let it get ratty and powdercoat if I'm riding it a lot.

    Did most of the main bits tonight, main things left are seating the tyres and setting up the brakes. It's the first time I've really had weight as a target so happy that it's about 6.5kg at the moment. Should be under 8 when finished which is what I was hoping for.

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  • How you getting in with Hylix? Have you ridden it?

  • Yeah, did the commute on it last week, really lovely and fun to ride. Fork feels decently enough made but am still slightly paranoid about it. Should be fine just for road.

  • Finished, but currently not rideable as just as I was thinking how great tubeless was on the way home, the back tyre started to deflate pretty quickly. It holds air but is bubbling at the rim in multiple places. Gonna get some more sealant next week.

    Only thing else left to do is internally routing the front hose, which is a PITA since I'll need to cut it and rebleed; and find some bottle mount bolts.

    Very happy with it generally, even though it's half a kg more than I thought it'd be. Not that that really matters for a commuter bike.

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  • I’d be interested in a regular update on your relationship with the plastic fork, I’ve been swithering over same/similar on eBay, also for purely road duties, but have thus far not found the courage to commit, £79.99 is fine but somehow the £2.99 delivery makes me nervous....

  • Oo, this has turned out very nice!

  • any chance you still have the day one disc fork? i'm after one haha.

  • Very nice, have you weighed it yet?

    Also interested in hearing about these forks!

  • @CptnBigNose yeah, I guess I'll just check it every now and again. Assume the place it would fail is the crown race though so quite hard to check. They look relatively nicely made though. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    @GideonPARANOID cheers!

    @ldphotoworks yeah I do - PM me if you're still interested.

    @Josh it was about 8.5kg in the end, by no means light but light enough to feel zippy compared to my other bikes.

  • Decided to take this in 2 different directions in the end. Was enjoying riding it, but felt a little bit in the middle, not especially exciting for any particular reason.

    So, used the parts with a beater roadie frame to build up a fast commuting machine and used the frame to build up something fun, which is really what the Pomp is for IMO.

    Really pleased with both... the Pomp is suitably useful/bit silly looking, and the the other one feels fast and light for riding up hills riding SS.

    Anyone interested in the Hylix fork? Only used for maybe 5 commutes in the end.

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  • pm about fork.

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Pompetamine disc SS with ¿fancy? custom paint

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