Re brazing a joint

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  • Rear end stay has come un brazed. Is this a simple job to clean up the paragon end and re braze ? or an absolute ball ache . Frame is five years old so shouldn't of happened really .

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  • What frame is that?
    And is the joint steel and brass or stainless and fillet pro?
    Looks like it was done very wrong.

  • Out of curiosity, what’s wrong about it? (Apart from the obvious fact that it’s failed)

  • I haven't had anything fail like that so not totally sure. But I would say the steel has either not been hot enough, it's been contaminated or flux hasn't done it's magic. The brass will flow out and create what's essentially a mechanical bond between brass and steel. And that hasn't happened here. The brass has sat "loosely" around the steel. This happens if the brass has been melted before it bonds with the steel rather than the steel being hot enough for the brass to flow out on the steel.

    This happens a lot when you first learn how to soft solder for example. You heat the solder rather than the bits you are trying to join.

    Does it make sense what I am saying?

  • All true its not bonded but getting sorted under warranty . Its xcr and brass . I will follow up with nice new and fixed pics when done.

  • Yeah gotcha. I thought initially you meant that the type of joint is wrong.
    I definitely understand what you mean about heat. The filler has come off the tube rather than cracking so definitely not bonded correctly.

  • Wut wut?

    XCr is stainless mate. That cannot be brazed with brass.
    I am fairly certain XCr should be brazed using fillet pro or maybe even TIG only.

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Re brazing a joint

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