Genesis Equilibrium 1x commuter

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  • Picked up a Equilibrium frameset for winter duties + commuting. My first disc bike so errors may occur.

    The build will be a mish-mash of existing parts, with an ultegra groupset

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  • The main goal is to be a solid commuter, it will have fenders, a rear rack and eventually dynamo powered lights.

    Wheelset picked up yesterday - Son Delux front, Hope RS4 rear, both laced to stans no tubes grail ztr

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  • Today, fitted bottom bracket and headset

    parts from bin:
    -Fizik saddle
    -Zipp seatpost
    -Zipp Stem (acetoned)

    28mm tyre suggestions? I have commuted on 25mm gatorskins for the last 18 months without a single puncture (London), and whilst I don't enjoy riding gatorskins, puncture resistance is a must.

    Imagine there must be a few better options at 28mm ?

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  • Nice frame!
    Michelin Pro 4 Endurance V2.
    Maybe also "acetone" the seatpost?

  • Cheers for the suggestion - looks good, will do a bit more research

    Maybe also "acetone" the seatpost?

    Thats the plan!

  • Getting there

    Need a band on ultegra front derailleur, some chain ring bolts, replacement mounting hardware for rack, chain and a lock ring tool for the centerlock discs

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  • trying to set up disc callipers (Juin Tech F1)

    the brake pads seem to be too close to the disc rotor, the calliper is mounted in align, but the rotor is pretty much exactly the width of the gap between pads so it rubs very lightly.

    Is there some sort of adjustment I am missing? the pads rubbed before i installed cable so maybe there is something on the calliper to adjust?

    Juin Tech F1 callipers didnt come with any manual and very little online.

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    A simple setup video. If they are still rubbing after following this then maybe the pistons need pushing back in slightly? I've not fitted these before however. Might be question for the 'disc brakes are dead' thread.

  • yeah ive watched that, I'll cross post in the disc brakes are dead thread

  • Sorted discs - calipers needed bleeding

    Fitted rear fender - need to find a better solution to the attached (small frame, no distance between brake bridge and tyre), suggestions? also first paint scratch while setting up the rear fender.

    Son Dynamo added and 1x set up. Need to shorten front fender stays as they are too long, break the chain to remove front derailleur, black electrical tape and lower stem somewhat.

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  • Nice nice nice - does that have a 15mm through axle on the front?

    I did something similar with mind, but got the cable tie under the bridge bracket to pull it up higher - I imagine you could make a neater one with jubilee clips and a bit of rubber/old inner tube.

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  • cool, glad to see someone else at least did something similar

    I'm wondering If I can dremmel or somehow make the mount slightly bigger. It only needs a few mm cut out, its curently in the right place, just rattles a bit and if mounted properly might be a bit better. I dont own a dremmel however.

    Yes - it's got through axle front and back

  • If you Dremel the slot longer, it will probably end up loosening and the mudguard slipping down tot the wheel sporadically - can you take the L bracket out and rotate it? As in, use the side that’s flush with the guard to be the bit that bolts to the bridge?

  • (small frame, no distance between brake bridge and tyre), suggestions?

    Drill the guard and attach from the underside of the bridge?

  • no mount underside of bridge, which is dumb

  • If you are still in need of tyre suggestions then schwalbe duranos are great in 28. 2 years of daily use (all riding inc commuting) for me with 2 punctures right at end of their lives.

  • thanks but went with Pirelli PZero Velo's, my mate who has the same commute as me has had no punctures with them so just went with them

    Has anyone else had to shorten the stays on PDW's? Im hoping I can shorten them enough, the stays bend slightly not far from the end of the stay.

  • You may file or Dremel the slot bigger, but you'll need to allow space for bolt and a washer. Can always file one side of the washer too.

  • really?! fucking dumb .. how are you supposed to install guards then?

    @Alb get it sorted

  • Is the mudguard bracket long enough to be bend and mounted on the backside of the brake bridge? If you get what I mean...

  • yeah not sure what the logic behind having a standard brake bridge (with brake holes) is, underside of the bridge would be much cleaner.

    @LeChef no

  • Lol, not one of mine! Tires coming up bigger than 28mm eating into the available space?

  • Bike looks great, I have a 2015 Equilibirum disc and fitted guards with 32mm Gravelking SK's.. tight fit and lots of dremelling required. I have the same cable tie solution on my Genesis Day-one too..

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Genesis Equilibrium 1x commuter

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