FS: Varonha Steel 853 Disc frame and Fork UPDATE!! Proper pics now

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  • eBay then?

  • Such a shame. Wish this was smaller. Would be sorely tempted but too big. Winston is a great builder and this is a nice set up

  • Thanks for that but it really really has to go..
    So next time £1 selling fees com around its gone one way or the other!

  • That’s super tasty, although shame about the 1” head tube, I expect that narrows the market for the frame considerably.

  • What's the downside of 1" headtube, other than maybe the difficulty finding plastic forks...

  • Well, the majority of disc carbon forks are now tapered, so that. Also, aren’t inch forks flexier? Would be fine if you only ever planned to run the original fork, but who’s going to drop close to a grand on someone else’s dream frame with that limiting factor when they could spend a bit more and have their own dream frame? What’s the benefit on an inch fork? Just seems like a bizarre choice. I think it’s probably the reason it hasn’t sold.

  • I guess a more logical choice would be fillet brazed and a tapered or 44mm HT
    A carbon fork to go with that set up would be double the price, so “a bit more” would end up 50% more for Winston to make that frame and the cost of a decent fork. If anyone else made it you can add more.

    And it’s steel so if you wanted a larger head tube Winston can sort that for £90.

    Steel forks are different to carbon for sure but if someone wanted a lugged frame with a tapered steerer I think that maybe even a more “narrow market”
    Lugged frame and lugged fork doesn’t seem that “ bizarre” to me but I’m old!

    It’s not for everyone but if it is, then it’s still value I believe, I may even take an offer!
    I could even just sell the frame and it could be ridden with callipers if that is of any interest.

    Thanks @TM for the feedback and bumps anyway!

  • IMO you should get Winston to stick on a 1 1/8 tapered HT now and then you can shift the frame and forks to different sellers (as I reckon the forks would go too). Like @TM said the 1 inch ht is an outdated size when someone is looking for a sporty offroad frame with disc brakes

  • A lot of work to change the head tube.. and tbh 1 inch looks classic and tasteful imo.

  • personal taste of course. but seller wants to shift it, not continue to admire it's clean lines and symmetrical tubing. plus he said it'd be £90, that's Winston's time not the seller's. Unless I've read that wrong

  • I like it.

    It's like a non Taiwanese one of these.


  • What size??

  • last image in the first post shows the geometry - looks about a 58.

  • Would bang, fuck the standards.

  • You dont get a custom to do constant ‘upgrades’

  • Yeah, you sell on and get another custom.

  • On eBay

  • sold!!

  • Lucky bugger who ever bought it

  • Danish bloke
    Hope he enjoys it!

  • £670!
    Bloody lucky bloke

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FS: Varonha Steel 853 Disc frame and Fork UPDATE!! Proper pics now

Posted by Avatar for Osteovelo @Osteovelo