• noo broken stuff. sorry.

  • How far do you want to cycle?

    There's no limit!

    You are way west right? what you got? pm me to arrange. cheers!

  • Hubs, spokes, tyres. I got rid of a load of stuff already so there's not much left.

    The website says they don't take frames with dents - not at all? All my frames have dents and they've never done me any harm :) Ironically the ones without dents are the ones that cracked.

  • Sorry missed this one. Send me a PM when you are next thinking to come up. Sooner the better plz

  • Thanks Ben and Oli

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  • Have treated myself to a little cargo bike. Coming for you Bigh

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  • Anyone out west got anything apart from Hippy and man who hasnt got back to me yet about collection.

  • I've come up with another arrangement for the bulky stuff and I think it's easier if I dropped stuff off than you come out here. Easier = not easier but gives me an excuse to leave the house.

  • no worries.

  • Thanks @BigH

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  • Anymore for anymore? Waiting to hear back from a few people so free for a collection in the next couple of days if anyone has anything

  • Cheers @Chak

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  • https://london.thecomedystore.co.uk/even­t/jokes-and-spokes/

    7 DEC
    Have a laugh to help us get refugees cycling!
    We have a fantastic line-up to keep you chuckling all evening. Our MC Jen Brister will introduce sets by Ola Labib, Stuart Laws, Olga Koch, Lloyd Griffith & Tiff Stevenson. Grab some mates, have a laugh, and support refugees while you’re doing it.
    Date – Tuesday 7 December at 7:30pm
    Venue – The Comedy Store, Leicester Square
    Price – £20 (live show) / £15 (virtual ticket)
    Doors, Bar and Diner open from 6:30pm

    Sponsored by Weil https://www.weil.com/

    How to join us

    You can attend in TWO ways – you can join us at The Comedy Store for the live show (£20) or choose a virtual ticket (£15) to stream it from the comfort of your own home (link below)


  • Sorry it took a while for me to get around to it, but here's a hundy that's come from the sale of my Kona A to @Jay75. I was going to give it to him in exchange for a donation to something, but he paid more for it so I'm passing on a chunk of his payment to The Bike Project.

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  • Thrasher.

    Ive got a 4 yr olds bike with a suck freewheel, but I've also got a new freewheel if you want it?

    LB (SE7)

  • Stuck freewheel.

  • Amazing. I'll PM you.

  • I have a step thru frame (no forks) and wheels. Is this just going to make more work?
    1 1/8 fork/headset.

  • Prioritising full bikes atm but i'll give you a shout if they can use it - cheers!

  • I watched their comedy gig last night and they're doing matched funding now until xmas:

    So every £1 you donate is doubled. Woulda been handy before I sent them the money but oh well.

  • Thank you @TTM and @lardy

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  • @Thrasher I've got a useable 26" wheelset and a load of bits, will PM you.

  • Thanks @abr

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Got any bike bits you want given to The Bike Project? I will pick up and deliver for free

Posted by Avatar for Thrasher @Thrasher