• After borrowing the LFGSS trailer recently I’ve been won over win trailer life. I will invest In something similar for shopping / other errands. I thought while dropping off a few old bike bits - why not do this more often for other people - surely there’s more people out there who haven’t got the time but loads of bits and bobs that need a home..

    So offering to take away pretty much anything and deliver to the bike project - https://thebikeproject.co.uk/

    I’ll email the gift aid donation ticket as a receipt if need be.

    Lemme know if you got anything you want taken to charity!

  • Come to Somerset ... got at least a few trailers worth!

  • That wheelset if that's of any use to them. They seem to have a Vintage section on their site. Good on you regardless.

  • I do like a challenge..

  • Yeh cool. PM me collection details

  • I’ve got some old wheels and other bits that I am keen to get rid of - nothing special, 80s weinmann brakes, huret derailleurs etc off an old Peugeot. Are these of any use or am I better off just scrapping / recycling them?

  • @thrasher nice one!

  • PM me collection details

  • Worked in a charity bike shop before, if it works it’s useable!

  • I have a bunch of crabon wheels, brake callipers, finishing kit & other bits & bobs

  • Nice DM me

  • Thanks, I’ve PMed @Thrasher

  • I’ve got a few bits - front disc wheel, handlebars, saddle and tyres plus other bits and bobs. Will PM.

  • I’ve got a crate full. It’s not actually super full as there’s a few part worn tyres and tubes in there. Handlebars, seatposts, chainrings etc
    (Not the helmet)

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  • Crabons?!

  • Nice one.

    I’ve got a trip planned to twickenham next week to pick up @TW ‘s bits and bobs could swing by before / after on the way through.

  • Great response so far. Thanks everyone. I’ve got potentially first pick up tomrorrow from Camden area. Anyone that way got some bits need picking up/ dropping off let me know

  • Got a tub rim, some old clincher rims and a old built wheel that could go. I'm in N19 so up the road from Camden

  • I can get a box ready if your passing Hackney any weekend or evening

  • Bump for a good cause. Well done Thrasher.

  • I've got a box of bits in Lewisham, I've been meaning to get to them.

  • first trip complete. thanks @DrDave and nice meeting you.

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  • That Kona is rad

  • Next trip with be thursday and i'll be going west to pick up from @TW and @PhilDAS think theres a full load there but anyone SW got any small bits lemme know and if your free thursday for collection even better. cheers

  • you get to see it in all its radness on thursday if your about :)

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Got any bike bits you want given to The Bike Project? I will pick up and deliver for free

Posted by Avatar for Thrasher @Thrasher