What 26” tyres?

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  • Recommendations please

    26” tyre.

    Will be mostly street riding round town. Puncture resistance is main priority. Longevity, and handling second. Occasional trail and path riding so not slicks.

    Schwalbe mArathon trail?

  • Continental Sport Contact II are pretty good. Reliable with regards to puncture protection, plus grippy and handle nicely.
    Planet-X were knocking them out for less than £10 last time I looked.

  • Marathon supreme 2” that @NurseHolliday will sell you

  • If you're going to be on pavement most of the time anyway and really care about puncture resistance, I'd go for something like the Schwalbe Big Ben. You'd be suprised what you can get away with on trails with slicks around 2 bar.

  • Second that, but in my case Schwalbe Big Apple. Don't really know what the difference is compared to the Big Ben, but pretty excellent tyre.

  • I've have both.
    Big Ben has a bit more chunky thread and I think they might be a little heavier than the Big Apples. Never had a puncture with either.

    I'd really like to try the Marathon Almotions - they are supposed to be much lighter than either of the above and really low rolling resistance.

  • Schwalbe Marathon Cross? I've not tried them, but they've got a bit of tread, they're reviewed positively, and at a tenner each you can't go far wrong.

  • I second and third this

  • Twenty quid marathon supreme at spa cycles is the holy grail


  • you're all wrong. city jets are still the best tyres, and for a tenner each they're a steal.

  • +1 for Supremes at 26x2.0 though if I were buying another set of Marathons, I’d probably go with the Racer.

    City Jets are a total bargain, but I’ve had one set become unusable through sidewall splits.

  • City Jets are great for road riding. They are fucking terrible/terrifying on gravel and trails.

    I really like the Schwalbe Table Top for all-around riding (45-50 psi) and I've never had a puncture (though I can certainly expect one now).

  • have to agree with this, they've been great for commuting!

  • Hello folks,
    on my daily commuter, a functional mtb, I'm running Kenda Kiniption 26x2.30 (58-559). There are very few alternatives (Swchalbe big apple maybe ?) and these can be found for cheap.
    I have them since a tad less than a year — they are good value to me. 1 puncture so far (protests are everywhere nowadays in Paris and those street-appropriations aren't puncture-proof), and still plenty of rubber life left. Good grip, not that heavy for the size, etc, etc. Not so much casing though, might be prone to deep cuts, etc.

    Just to mention to this thread, for the record because there is not so much about it.

  • Vittoria Randonneurs come in 26x1.5”. Cheap as chips at decathlon and indestructible.

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What 26” tyres?

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