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  • See my post above, if I enter it’s on my Strael 2. Can put wider bars on if necessary but tyre size is my main doubt.

  • I'd have thought 35s will be adequate tbh. But it'll be interesting to hear from those who have actually ridden the route, which I have not.

  • I need to be back for the Sat so the most likely plan is to fly back on the Friday night or at the latest Sat morning. Thanks for the offer. I'm just gonna have to haul arse and hope I can get it done. #mustputdownthepies

  • Mikko rode SRMR with 35mm Marathon Mondials.

  • Hey @CarlosBI is there going to be a registration required on the day or on the day before? We're going to be flying into Valencia a bit earlier to check it out and then hopefully getting a train over to Granada so I need to know when I need to be in Granada for beers race stuff.

  • According to the website -

    23/May/2020 17:00
    Accreditation, briefing and bike check

  • Ah, I looked at the FAQ and the Registration pages. Didn't actually scroll down the main page. Ta!

  • No worries, things are spread out a bit but I knew I had seen it somewhere.
    Did you find out about bike boxes with Iberia? I saw you were tweeting them.

  • Nah, they didn't really answer my question and we decided to change it up and book with BA, fly to Valencia to have a look at that city and then we'll train (hopefully) to Granada before the registration, then fly out of Granada after the race.

  • I'm currently running this endless loop in my head about whether or not I swap my bars for something wider (the wide+riser bars off my partner's Sequoia won't work with my aerobars) but that would involve untaping the bars and refitting aerobars and USB charger.
    Don't want to untape/disconnect my dynamo lights but my gravel wheels don't have a dynamo so I'd be carrying them for nothing - but I think I prefer carting a few hundred grams around to redoing the light install.
    I also want to move my aerobars into a position closer to my TT bike for TT training but this would render them useless for Badlands.

    Basically I -need- a new bike :)

  • Race Manual sent out over the weekend, excitement building...

  • Saw that. Haven't had a chance to look at it yet.

  • On the website it originally stated "the fastest rider could need around 4 days."

    In the handbook that's been lowered to 3 days - perhaps that's a reflection of the Sofiane / no-sleep effect!

  • I always thought the 4 day thing sounded extremely conservative but then I don't know what the surfaces like. If I spend a day fixing flats or walking then.. maybe. I've got to be back by Fri so I'm hoping it's not too far off.

  • Signed up!

  • Looks like I wont be making this now thanks to £500 flights to Granada - nice but pricey.

  • Malaga or Valencia and train/ride?

  • I'm flying to Madrid then taking a train, which seems to be the cheapest option

  • The easiest way to get to Granada from Valencia by train is over Madrid (or was in January at least), so it's probably easier to fly to Madrid instead.

  • Ah, yeah, probably. I'm going to Valencia first anyway because I want to move to Spain so I'm checking out a few cities.

  • Ah right, have fun then :)

  • Anyone get any updates regarding this?

  • Haven't heard anything concrete yet but when we do, we'll post it here.

  • Email went out earlier today: "we are forced to postpone the start date of Badlands: the new date for this first edition will be the 06/Sep/2020"

  • We're back in business.

    Panic buying mode: Extreme

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