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  • Not sure where registration is but my riding buddy and I are staying at the Hotel Gar Anat which we noticed is 700 yards from the start.... the hotel has offered a van to pick us up at Malaga (for a cost) and also offered to store our gear and boxes when we are doing the ride.

  • I did a stealth edit , reg is same place as the start.

    The above van situation sounds great, when do you arrive in Malaga? I'm on a BA flight getting in at 15:15 on the 3rd.

  • Yea..I think I am on the same flight ...let me check ...

  • we get into Malaga at 2.20 pm on BA flight 2716 out of Heathrow on the 3rd

  • If you decide to stay same hotel or you speak to hotel and they're willing to share their van (and it can take 3 boxes) more than happy to split the cost between 3 of us .....

  • Thanks, weirdly I'm on the same flight on the 3rd but my confirmation says leaving 11.20 landing 15:15. Once I work out what I'm doing, I'll message you about the van.

  • Maybe a dumb question, but does anyone know if mosquitoes/other bity things will be an issue on the route? I react really badly to mosquito bites and will take antihistamine and repellant if necessary but don't want to carry it for nothing. I've been to Granada a few times and don't remember it being an issue, but never really left the city.

  • Hey, I sent you a PM regarding airport transfers.
    I did a test ride on the South Downs Way on Tues. Nothing fell off the bike so that's good.

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  • We did the Great British Escapade North/South Downs race as a test ride in June. Wettest weekend of the year. Of the 56 starters only 11 finished. The only thing that fell off our bikes was us. Multiple times. Both of us needed new bottom brackets after the race and almost everyone had to replace both sets of brake pads.

  • Some big names on the roster... Double olympic champion Alastair Brownlee for one!

  • Scott firing off the money gun

  • I guess I don't know how much expendable cash Scott have but a quick all expenses paid holiday for a Brownlee is probably quite good value?

  • Launching a new bike, id imagine a big budget.

  • Ha came up for me too when I was checking if it were just a coincidence. Not much water around southern Spain

  • Don't ride too close though, he might push you off the hill...

  • Mattia di Marchi (former Pro) appears to be crushing it.

    Ulrich doing well in 3rd.

  • Does one season at androni count as pro?

  • yes unless his uncle bought his ride

  • And thats what happened here?

  • dunno, but it happens a lot in the lower levels of Italian pro cycling. Hence all the small sponsors all over their jerseys!

  • @cjr in 40th.

  • Well that was fun, but brutal. Beautiful route although a little to much sand/dry river beds for my liking. Really happy with how I rode, consistent and with no dramas.

    Well, apart from having to take apart my rear hub and file down some bits with an Emery board when it stopped working with 40km to go. Thought it was the end of the race for a while.

    I’ll post some pics if I find any good ones I took!

  • Look forward to hearing more! Well done

  • good effort. look forward to imagery.

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