Badlands 2020

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  • Were 38cm bars an aero consideration? I’ve got 40s on the fast bike and that feels narrow, I wouldn’t want less off road

  • They were an experiment for TABR that I never changed back. I'd have loved my 42s back, probably even better on something with flared drops out to more like 46cm. I did have a set off the grrl's bike but the weird Spesh bend wouldn't have allowed the aerobars to fit and I couldn't be arsed trying to find locations for Garmins and stuff with no aerobars. I'd pulled out when insurance became an issue but got back in with a different insurance company. Bit of a last minute bike setup.

  • Great work all round folks!

  • Looks rad, where did you put water?

  • Water? Wassat?

  • It's what PaddleBoats are paddled on.

  • What pedals are these pls?

  • What ever hippy use to lubricate them selves with then. Sack in the frame bag?

  • Big blue ones.

    Pedaling Innovations Catalyst ONE pedals.

  • Bladder in the frame bag. I did also have a bottle on a cage under the down tube but it decide it would have a better life in the Gorafe desert so ejected itself into the scrub before I could even touch its contents.

  • i know you are a big fan of aerobars; but did these get any action at all?
    Is it true you need a bell for Spanish events? Do they enforce?!

  • I did use the aerobars a bit but mostly just to rest my hands. I'd certainly not buy a set for this event. Mine are all wired up to the dynamo and USB so it's a pain to remove them and I'd have to find new spots for Garmins, etc.

    I heard no mention of bells. Because of Covid there was no bike check this year anyway.

  • No tedious bike check
    It’s taken me 6+ months but I have finally found a perk of Covid!

  • The other perk is that Alhambra, which usually has to be booked 2 months in advance, can be booked 2hrs beforehand. Lovely.

  • Thats a touch; my wife wanted to go and visit it When we were there in 2019 but my usual last minute planning is not normally conducive....

  • Is that a watch he's wearing or an mp3 player or what?

  • Oh ok, I thought they were smaller for some reason. That looks like a tracker strapped to his arm!

  • Ignore me, found better picture of a whoop. The bulk is from an external battery pack that slides on top.

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Badlands 2020

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