Berlin microcosm here?

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  • also have been getting regular updates from partner and friends about the heat this week, commiserations to you all

  • Is this true? I wouldn't be surprised if they get stricter with regards to the UK, though. I really hope not. Would love to visit family this summer.

  • They definitely are at least refreshing quarantine rules one way or another at the end of June, as per the note in the quarantine section on this page:­EN/topics/civil-protection/coronavirus/c­oronavirus-faqs.html#doc13797140bodyText­4 – god knows if they're going to make it stricter or not though!

  • fingers crossed

  • "The highest is the Teufelsberg"

    Devil's Hill? Isn't that where the CIA spooks had their listening post?

  • I don't know, I didn't know, and I won't ever know, sir.

  • Ich komme zurück!!!! Anyone fancy an early August forum ride?­57730092

  • Was wondering if any rides happened, guess not?
    I haven't really been riding a lot, but would be keen to get something going now that there seems to be a window of low virus stress.
    How about first of August?
    Would this have to be skinny tire friendly or can it get sandy?
    I have a personal standard route to Rangsdorf that has it all, road, gravel, sand and also a lot of Panzerplatte!

  • ah bollocks, I'm heading into my vacation next week and am not in the city. will be back at around august 16th.

  • Also back around 16th

  • Random question but...
    Anyone in Berlin have a Hard Shell bike box they could loan out for 2 weeks?

    I will be picking up my bike from home in September and I'm already anticipating the efforts of packing, airport inspection + repacking for flight with as much padding, pipe lagging etc as possible.

    A hard case would make the whole experience a great deal easier, so thought I would see the community has!?

    let me know if you have tips, tricks or advice 👍

  • I have a soft decathlon one, it's easier to carry with handles etc. instead of a box.
    Welcome to borrow it, am in 12045.
    Away from 25th of August till around the 8th of September though, so give a nudge if needed sooner.

  • I’ve got a hard case you can borrow if you don’t borrow Rodolfo’s

  • Just a quick q about the decathlon bag, does it pack down to normal luggage size (when empty obvs)? If, for example you just wanted to bring a bike one-way then it would only count as oversized/bike one way and regular hold luggage the other?

  • Bramm! Long time!
    It comes with a bag, which is about the size of a laptop bag, so yeah. I reckon it's even carry-on size.
    Does not come with any warranties though! Ild pack it with insulation anyway.
    For a one way trip, why not use a cardboard box and discard? I did that for my trip to Italy three years ago.

    I guess it's this one. But as said comes with a bag which is laptop bag sized to stow it away again.
    Its underneath the bed deep somewhere in a box, so soz, no pic yet.

  • Hey guys,

    Thanks so much for the suggestions and great to see the community super ready to help!!

    I think I have managed to sort it out through family on the other side so in total less logistics and efforts etc.

    Either way, very grateful for your reactions, looking forward to getting the N+1 out onto the roads&trails

  • Ha! It has been indeed! I read that lufthansa dont accept boxes somewhere but im going to ring tomorrow and see if i can get a straight answer. If cardboard boxes are ok, thats deffo the plan!

  • sunday is election day.... I'm planning to do a small election day ride. route would be starting in the Wedding, Seestr. / Müllerstr. , then to Pankow, Schlosspark, Blankenburg fish lakes, to Karow, where I will vote, and then to a calm place in Karow to chill and have a snack/smoke . Maybe from the chillspot to McDonalds to grab some unhealthy snacks. the ride is 20km-ish from Müllerstr. to McD , I will start at 10 am-ish. if anyone wanna join, feel free to show up, or contact me.

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  • That looks nice, but unfortunately you picked the only Sunday I have to work this year.
    Have fun voting!

  • was a nice ride, started at 10 am from Müllerstr were some dude was talking to an invisible crowd, so I only waited to 10.01 to start my day. met up with two old friends and rode around Karow , Lindenberg and some nature spots in between. unfortunately the election process was quite overwhelmed by the people, I waited an hour to give my vote. but all in all a lovely day. here some pics

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Berlin microcosm here?

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