Berlin microcosm here?

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  • Nice! Have dropped you a DM, happy to organise something when it’s more bearable outside.
    Anyone else welcome !

  • Lucky enough to have a fair bit of gravel on my commute. If I'm feeling like I want a 15 min detour I can go through Jungfernheide Forst, which is super nice.
    I wonder how long it will take for there to be a thoroughfare through TXL?

  • Tempelhof opened an impressive two years after flying stopped.

  • If anyone hears of a Standert particularly an Erdgeschoss for sale in a 60cm I’d be keen. Thanks

  • You just made me think that you're looking for a ground floor flat in Berlin before I realised that's one of the dafter bike names I've come across.

  • Their whole range is not very dyslexic friendly.

  • Well, it's just a pun in German. The ordinary meaning of "Erdgeschoß" is 'ground floor', but "Geschoß" can mean not only 'floor' or 'storey', but also 'projectile'. The "Erd-" bit refers to earth/the ground, so the pun's meaning is something like 'a ground projectile'. This character is probably also why you're after one. :)

  • I hope Tegel has an even quicker turnaround. It's very well placed to expand the forests/parks that surround it.

  • Yes, but they also plan to build/change a lot of stuff there, don't they?
    Unlike Tempelhof which was practically unchanged, and hopefully will stay this way.

    Have to take a better look at the Tegel plans, but this might become a great place, so close to beautiful nature and loads happening in terms of jobs/education and maybe even car free modern housing not designed by profit margins.

  • So I gather. I heard somewhere it was going to be a large business park with some university buildings too - but when I was walking around Jungfernheide forst someone told me they were going to incorporate a large amount of it into the forest area...

  • Worked on one of the many failed competition entries for the development of tegel. As it's government land and as was said upthread demand is very large they want to build as much affordable housing there as possible after the debacle of wanting to build along the edges of the tempelhofer feld that got rejected by a referendum.
    You can't have your cake AND eat it as seems to be the delusion of your fellow islander brexshitters. Theres ample green space in Berlin and around for you cyclists that actually have time to cycle..;)

  • Ah cool, what did you enter to the competition?

  • Still glad that terrible plan for Tempelhof got buried, but right now other parties are trying to resurrect the corpse.
    Don't get me wrong, we might have to build on there one day, and this could probably be done in a nice way, but surrounding the whole thing with houses is not a plan.

    As for Tegel, its quite different to Thof as its almost outside of city limits?
    Looks like housing on that triangle to the right, and university/office around and inside the terminal. Hope the city proves that they can build a good neighbourhood, not many convincing examples around. @Rodolfo that the part you worked on?

    Also as usual not easy to find useful information about whats going on. Some more or less nice pictures from the development agency. And all the complicated stuff from the city.

  • really nice seeing this thread still plodding along and picking up some steam in the absence of a dedicated area within the forum. I've been stuck in London waiting to get back to Berlin where my partner lives since September now; we were half hoping a couple of weeks ago things might be looking clear enough for travel soon but certainly doesn't look that way anymore. Miserable business. Will definitely be putting a shout in here when I do finally make it back, would be great to do something like a LFGSS Berlin ride.

  • As for Tegel, its quite different to Thof as its almost outside of city limits?

    What do you mean? It's only a short distance further from the centre than Tempelhof (I may be applying a London perception here). It's certainly well within the limits of Berlin, and I don't see why it would be treated differently.

    I dislike large-scale masterplanning intensely, and this is what's happening here, e.g. with the plans for the "Schuhmacher-Quartier" (which, annoyingly, they don't hyphenate except in the URL).

    I've looked at a lot of these sorts of masterplans and seen some of the results, and I don't think they ever yield good results.

  • Yes, definitely my Kreuzberg nimby bias showing, the two airports are roughly the same distance from the middle, yes. Same goes for the city limits.
    What I actually meant to say: Behind Tegel you have Jungfernheide/woods, lakes and mainly typical cute little Berlin outskirts houses. Whereas behind Tempelhof you have quite some dense housing mixed with the small houses, and not a lot of green until the city limits. And when the green stuff starts its fields, and not woods.
    So if you look at the two former airports mainly as green spaces, they are different as Tegel is connected to big green spaces.
    Interestingly, if it wasn't for the highway (and canal) between Tegel and Volkspark Jungfernheide this is quite similar to Thof and Hasenheide. Thats also one of the main things, Tempelhof managed to stay inside the concrete barrier.
    And, as pessimistic you might be about those kind of projects (look at the stuff behind Hauptbahnhof, its so bad) the plan, at least to me, looks better than the one that was proposed for Tempelhof.

  • You waiting for the numbers to get better before flying?

  • that has been part of the wait certainly, last few months though it's just not been legal to travel there without a 'legally permitted reason' and we don't really have one. Had anybody here managed any journeys there from the UK this year?

  • hey, fellow berlin citizens, I just stumbled across this thread, just wanted to say hello! I know the situation right now is not the very best, but maybe we manage to do a LFGSS grill tour in the summer? would there be some kind of interest for an event like this?

  • I meant to start easy ride stuff one year ago, as a way to meet more than the handful of people I ride with. Social, maybe some overnighters.
    But this never happened. If I ever feel like the situation is ok to organize it you lot will hear from me.
    But let's be honest, the way this virus situation is handled by the german governments, it looks like we stay locked down but not really locked down because economy until forever.

  • I would be up for a ride when it's ok to do it again. I haven't explored too much so it would be nice to see some new things

  • Ah, thanks. I hadn't considered the look of the hinterland. You certainly have a point with their relative positions in respect of the 'concrete barrier', which creates severance.

  • yeah man, totally agree on the current situation!
    @Oliver Schick the hinterland has some nice lakes to offer, e.g. Gorinsee, Liebnitzsee etc. and you`re so far away from the inner city that it is okay to ride brakeless there.

  • Lakes? In Berlin? Whatever next? :)

    Don't try riding brakless and legless near lakes, kids.

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Berlin microcosm here?

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