Berlin microcosm here?

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  • Hey, wondering if there are enough Berlin residents or regular visitors from the UK/Europe/rest of Germany here who would be interested in having an LFGSS microcosm specifically for the city? Just moved back here from London and there's a big distinctive cycling culture here with loads going on (and bikes endlessly changing hands), and reckon a good English-language forum would be helpful in the midst of it all. Any thoughts? Cheers.

  • Hi, I'm currently living in Berlin and would be interested in a Berlin specific part to the forum! I'm currently pretty detached from cycling though due to having a young child and no time but am hoping that that will change in the new year. Who else on here is in Berlin then?

  • I am living in Berlin, so definitely in! Berlin forum ride could be great!

  • Hey neighbour! That's great. Any chance you know how's best to go about setting it up?

  • Hey, cool, thanks for replying ! I'll keep the thread updated with any progress.

  • Yo, I am also in Berlin if this gets made....

  • yoyo, @Velocio? I´m in!

  • Hi Berlin folks. I have a lovely 55cm Moser frame and fork with a brand new BB languishing in my apartment, which I'm considering either building up or selling on as is – any interest here? Cheers

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  • Hi all!

    I am moving to Berlin in a few months, great to hear there is a solid culture already - are there some pages/forums/threads I can join that you know of?

    Would love to get out for a few rides when I get there!

  • Is @radius still in Berlin?

  • Yes he is 👋🏻 I am not very deep in the scene here, but we could always build our own 😎

  • Hello dear boy!

    Hope all is well with you and that Berlin is coping with the pandemic.

  • just in case any of you berlin folks are looking for a new wheelset, bikepunk have the new omnium track wheelset for a prettty cheap price atm;­o.php?info=p2121_omnium--new-skool-wheel­s--laufradsatz.html

    The guy in the shop said stock is a bit all over the place during covid but i placed an order and think i will get them next week apparently.

  • Hey @Brameses, did you get those wheels in the end? How are they? I'm finally going back to Berlin on Sat and need a wheelset.

  • yo @merlmoon sooooo my german let me down. i ordered 'laufradsatz' which i thought was plural, but turns out it was just the back wheel, hence the low low price. the whole set i think they said was 280 in the end. Im sure that they are very good but i opted for some novatec ones in the end which i think were 160 or so the pair. i have the supremely beaten up ones they replaced if u just need a beater set to hold you over, you are welcome to them!

  • Oh gott, that would have gotten me too! Bad luck. That's so kind, and actually a beater wheelset would be really helpful right now, thank you! Whereabouts are you?

  • Berliners: how about an lfgss drink one of these days?
    Trying to find my way around the cycling culture here.

  • Only just saw this.
    Guess we're not getting our own city sub forum at this pace?

  • Hey all, imma bump this up. I've just arrived (well, still flat hunting) and am keen to explore a bit* before I start working. Did anything ever happen with a microcosm?

    Incidentally, anyone know of any semi-casual gravel groups/routes? Tho I'm guessing it's mostly shut down atm with COVID and winter

    *have someone hold my hand while I learn right-hand-traffic

  • getting out on the occasional ride here. Definitely up for getting together with a few others for a mission or two !

    @eespeees how is the hunt going? Im also looking for an apartment ... the pain is real.

  • Tell me about it... got quite lucky a few weeks ago and (mostly) moved into an apartment now. I ended up refreshing ImmoScout every 20 mins to find new listings - good luck there friend!

    Would totally be up to brave the cold and go a ride tho. where have you been going?

  • Jesus, I spent 2 months on Immo and its enough to cause a mental breakdown!
    I has not known competition/rejection until I was searching for a flat here.

    I have been out West mainly - Grunewald / Havel See / Potsdam 45-80Km.
    Templehof Feld as well - amazing place!

    Apparently Berlin has two hills - one east, one west. I have yet to find either haha

  • I am not in Berlin but was just searching my mind for where I had seen a combo of gravel and Berlin. It was of course on! There is someone who organises a pizza and gravel thing, but not sure if routes are posted. Its talked about on this post:­en-lucas-2020/

    Viel Glueck finding some gravel!

  • Apparently Berlin has two hills - one east, one west. I have yet to find either haha

    All except one of the tallest hills are composed of wartime rubble. The highest is the Teufelsberg. Jan Ullrich used to do hill reps there and Jens Voigt 'Everested' it:­g­207564601/Berlin-deine-Huegel-Hier-will-­die-Hauptstadt-hoch-hinaus.html

  • @cheekysnaker seen a few Brandenburg loops on but never heard of that! Thanks for sharing

    @Falcor yeah seems like it's a matter of time & persistence 🤞 I'm collecting my FG from Potsdam > Berlin today in fact, but seems like a ride out west could be good when the weather clears a little. Loosely plan something in a few weeks' time?

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Berlin microcosm here?

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