Berlin microcosm here?

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  • Hey, wondering if there are enough Berlin residents or regular visitors from the UK/Europe/rest of Germany here who would be interested in having an LFGSS microcosm specifically for the city? Just moved back here from London and there's a big distinctive cycling culture here with loads going on (and bikes endlessly changing hands), and reckon a good English-language forum would be helpful in the midst of it all. Any thoughts? Cheers.

  • Hi, I'm currently living in Berlin and would be interested in a Berlin specific part to the forum! I'm currently pretty detached from cycling though due to having a young child and no time but am hoping that that will change in the new year. Who else on here is in Berlin then?

  • I am living in Berlin, so definitely in! Berlin forum ride could be great!

  • Hey neighbour! That's great. Any chance you know how's best to go about setting it up?

  • Hey, cool, thanks for replying ! I'll keep the thread updated with any progress.

  • Yo, I am also in Berlin if this gets made....

  • yoyo, @Velocio? I´m in!

  • Hi Berlin folks. I have a lovely 55cm Moser frame and fork with a brand new BB languishing in my apartment, which I'm considering either building up or selling on as is – any interest here? Cheers

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  • Hi all!

    I am moving to Berlin in a few months, great to hear there is a solid culture already - are there some pages/forums/threads I can join that you know of?

    Would love to get out for a few rides when I get there!

  • Is @radius still in Berlin?

  • Yes he is 👋🏻 I am not very deep in the scene here, but we could always build our own 😎

  • Hello dear boy!

    Hope all is well with you and that Berlin is coping with the pandemic.

  • just in case any of you berlin folks are looking for a new wheelset, bikepunk have the new omnium track wheelset for a prettty cheap price atm;­o.php?info=p2121_omnium--new-skool-wheel­s--laufradsatz.html

    The guy in the shop said stock is a bit all over the place during covid but i placed an order and think i will get them next week apparently.

  • Hey @Brameses, did you get those wheels in the end? How are they? I'm finally going back to Berlin on Sat and need a wheelset.

  • yo @merlmoon sooooo my german let me down. i ordered 'laufradsatz' which i thought was plural, but turns out it was just the back wheel, hence the low low price. the whole set i think they said was 280 in the end. Im sure that they are very good but i opted for some novatec ones in the end which i think were 160 or so the pair. i have the supremely beaten up ones they replaced if u just need a beater set to hold you over, you are welcome to them!

  • Oh gott, that would have gotten me too! Bad luck. That's so kind, and actually a beater wheelset would be really helpful right now, thank you! Whereabouts are you?

  • Berliners: how about an lfgss drink one of these days?
    Trying to find my way around the cycling culture here.

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Berlin microcosm here?

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