• I just found this while looking for something else, originally on the D**** M*** web-site, but I'm linking to other sites.

    Warning: The CCTV video shows the moment of the collision, so don't watch if this distresses you.



    This happened at the junction of the A105 High Road and Truro Road, between Wood Green and Palmers Green. The driver is attempting to turn right into Truro Road when they hit the rider.

    I haven't been able to find an update on the rider's condition. Hope that means he wasn't badly injured. The report also doesn't say whether the police were called. They should have been--if they weren't, this crash would be another one not reported in police statistics.

    I don't know the area well, but from looking at the map I would suspect Truro Road to be a rat-run--crashes at main street junctions are disproprtionately caused by poor driver behaviour on the part of rat-runners, whose main thought is often to save time.

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2019-08-01 Rider down, A105 High Road / Truro Road, between Wood Green and Palmers Green

Posted by Avatar for Oliver Schick @Oliver Schick