• One of those crashes that doesn't seem to have been reported at the time and only now gets an article because the court case has concluded.


    It's not clear where and how exactly it happened; it seems the driver failed to see Jason Tann as she entered the one-way system of Cadogan Square, but the article doesn't state clearly whether the rider was already in the one-way system, or whether they were both travelling in the same direction and she hit him just before they were both about to enter it.

    Fortunately, he has made 'a full recovery', but it sounds as if there were frightening moments when he had three seizures in the 24 hours after it.

  • I think it’s the mini roundabout just up the road.
    On a side note, it also says she was near her home and yet was driving to Harvey Nichols, probably about 500m away... (not that this has anything to do with the crash)

  • Ah, thanks, I'm sure you're right and it must have happened at the junction of Cadogan Square, Cadogan Street, and Cadogan Gardens. I shouldn't have assumed that it was Cadogan Square itself. I'll correct the thread title.

    probably about 500m away

    Yes, people do that a lot. Not only in that area, and not only wealthy people. The standard estimate is that about 40-50% of trips by car are under 2 miles. Some of those will be sensible, e.g. carrying heavy loads or a person with mobility difficulties, but in the other cases the driver will be depriving themselves of the joy of human-powered locomotion.

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2018-05-22 Rider down, junction of Cadogan Square, Cadogan Street, and Cadogan Gardens, Chelsea

Posted by Avatar for Oliver Schick @Oliver Schick