• Take this job and shove it...

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  • I know this was a very long time ago but I don't suppose you still have the file for the All City logo do you?

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  • Maybe in a backup somewhere

  • If you get a chance to look that'd be much appreciated! Don't worry if you can't though, I'll figure something out. What colour vinyl do you have in stock at the moment?

  • Totally forgot about this @ltc ... still need me to look?

  • In honour of taking a spill while on the mtb, because I wasn’t paying enough attention...

    Design won’t change. Size and colour combos might.

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  • Yes pls, some of the black outline / sparkle centre ones would go down a treat. Lemme know how much.

  • Take it you're all out of Santa Cruz Satans?

  • Satan

    I have a handful left, would prefer not to make any more but it’s not out of the question. Colour preference? I’ll have a a dig through the pile.

  • Thinking around the £3 mark, plus post.

    I need to stop making fiddly designs!

  • Probably the yellow/pink and black/pink or is the pink orange? Am I a bit I colour blind?!

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  • If you wouldn't mind, that'd be great! I'd forgotten as well tbh.

  • Colours don’t show great in photo.

    Yellow on Pink
    Orange on Yellow
    Pink on Black

    And to the right, Orange on Black.

    Will try to find if I have any later.

  • SATAN - all gone for now. Maybe more in future if there is demand.

    CHILL - colours and combinations available in photo. Bear in mind the photo shows the two different designs. Price is £3 per sticker, plus post. So £3 for one, or the other - not both.

    Please specify if you want chill don't spill or all chilli no spilli.

    Three sizes available, £3 regardless of size (smallest is most difficult).

    Chill don't spill - 66x45 / 50x34 / 42x29 mm
    All chilli no spilli - 58x37 / 44x28 / 37x24 mm

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  • Someone on-here asked Spazio in Paris to do it saying Inshallah, but he replied it was only funny because it says MASH, since it’s the Cinelli Mash font.

    So they asked me to make it.

    Not exact but close enough I’d hope, since it was from scratch.

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  • SATAN - all gone for now. Maybe more in future if there is demand.

    Booooooooo!! Sad I missed those... 🤪

  • Smallest Chill don't spill in black grey please. DM me for payment.

  • Are there any of the insha'Allah/Mashallah going? Thanks!

  • I have a few cut in hot pink, ready to be weeded. I haven’t cut the other colours.

    They are decals rather than stickers (no backing).

    It’s missing the apostrophe by the way, but I can include a little offcut if you want to make it insha’.

    Drop me a PM.

  • These are fucking awesome. Any chance of a reflective set too? 🙏🏾

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  • Are you making the Mashallah ones now? I'd be interested, too.

  • Only as @bazschmaz asked me to, yea. PM me

  • Any chance of a rerun on Satan? Is Satan Cruz possible or only the satan?

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Stickers for posers - CUT vinyl decals - not printed, cut, only cut, no printing

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