Stickers for posers - custom cut vinyl decals

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    I can cut decals, I cannot print decals

    If you want custom decals you must provide the design in a high resolution file yourself.


    You may have seen on my ‘workshop in progress’ thread or @n_plus_un Instagram that I’m dipping my toe into decals and stickers as well as bag/accessory making.

    Normally I try to make a forum donation indirectly, by selling something and someone else doing the donation. I will make a forum donation in a similar manner with the stickers, with the occasional donation-only decal.

    If I am stepping on anyone’s toes or over/under-charging please contact me directly so I can rectify it without any big issues on the thread.

    All decals will need to be posted, unless we can arrange to meet on my infrequent and short visits to London.



    Prices exc. postage:

    Simple picture decals on vinyl:
    S (<50mm) £2.50
    M (<80mm) £3.50
    L (<150mm) £8.50
    XL (<20cm) £12.50
    XXL (<30cm) £17
    XXL or over £ask

    Add a premium of 50-75% for painfully intricate work. Sticker sheets in varying sizes prices individually, for example ~A5 size with 4/5 decals £10

    First/last name top tube decals, two sets £5
    Custom logos, bike decals, etc, £ask

    Not all picture decals available at all sizes, since some will lose too much when shrunk down. I will be updating this thread regularly.


    I don’t currently hold colours in stock, and most is end rolls from a scrap store. You get what I get. Currently I am making on:
    Day glow yellow
    Retroreflective silver-white
    Frosted translucent
    White (narrow roll)
    Frosted (narrow roll)

    • a little black, and dark blue.

    Colours updated when available.

    When I run out of a material there is no guarantee I will ever get that material again!

    Unless otherwise stated, these are vinyl decals, and are provided with application/transfer tape for you to use to apply them properly. They will work on most smooth/flat/whatever surfaces. No good for soft textiles, etc. Transfer tape is reusable until it loses its tack. Recycle!

    I also have Super reflective HGV dense reflective silver and reflective orange vinyl by request only, and costs extra.


    Your choice, either a stamp or recorded delivery or airmail. Only pay what postage and packing costs.

    Please note it’s all one colour and each piece is loose! These are cut vinyls, not printed. That means each letter/shape needs weeding individually, and needs the transfer tape to apply properly.

    See posts below for available decals so far.


    Three examples here of materials. Retroreflective silver, dark blue, day glow yellow.

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    • 04D86513-6B8B-40A1-894D-DADB0AE7D934.jpeg
    • 216874ED-E34E-4AE1-BC7D-9CF4FD7D48BD.jpeg
    • 3F397181-6C01-4491-8994-88056E689D46.jpeg
  • Futurama:


    4 Attachments

    • AFCBECD7-DEA3-4229-9B95-27F42D50EEEA.jpeg
    • F3E531C4-6B2D-4939-AE46-3010C49AB9B8.jpeg
    • BF9768DD-CD06-4F0E-ACF4-111A11DB9A22.jpeg
    • 78EE427A-6995-4AC5-B58E-66117DED83E1.jpeg
  • Simpsons 1

    Bart face on glass
    Bart pulling face
    Maggie on skateboard
    Lisa derp eyes
    Principle Skinner ‘Pathetic’ expression
    Uter running full of chocolate

    (Shown here on retroreflective and also day glow)

    2 Attachments

    • 86577497-204A-4314-9662-B1725FA0009B.jpeg
    • D26FEF78-FC15-48A3-BF0F-652F70A9A265.jpeg
  • Premium Simpsons, on request only:

    Obese Homer
    Cowabunga Moleman

    Please take note of the size. These will not cut well as small decals, and are better suited to be large.

    3 Attachments

    • 97E9CE6C-3329-4F64-B079-ED205EADF651.jpeg
    • 40124B61-EA88-4EDA-B8A4-1A345B4FDBEA.jpeg
    • F36F627C-367E-4477-A9BD-DD0B15641E02.jpeg
  • Right so here’s all the steps for correctly applying the decals, as prompted by @SuperSalad. I’m using a dayglow Slurm can especially for @SasenFrAsen

    First send and plot and cut, then weed.

    2 Attachments

    • AA10F1B6-2B4B-4610-8678-382160E174F8.jpeg
    • 87435EFE-B90E-4949-A9C2-CBC2F1FA5410.jpeg
  • You’ll receive a weeded decal and some application tape. Shown here I’m using reusable and costly stencil film, because it is low tack and I like to reuse it over and over. You may get this stuff, or another, but the process is the same.

    Cut roughly to size and stick the application tape over the decal. You’ll see that it needs flattening down to get rid of air bubbles.

    3 Attachments

    • 2789CD28-C442-40C5-A0B5-010849C7AA9C.jpeg
    • 1562E9C7-0726-436D-934D-F443CD93E74E.jpeg
    • A7F0A936-9D43-49A2-90BD-D6E7731E9A8D.jpeg
  • On a hard flat surface, press over the decal with a smooth flat edge. Either use a proper ‘squeegee’ or the blunt butt of an Opinel knife like me, or more simply a credit card.

    Turn it over and peel off the backing. It’s very important to peel as tight as possible. Try to keep it flat and roll the backing off, don’t peel it upward away from the decal. I run mine between my hand and the edge of the table to curve the paper a little. Peeled off it will look like so.

    3 Attachments

    • 52D641D1-E8C8-4ADB-AC2C-B418AA56B0F3.jpeg
    • 7EFC3D90-B378-4F12-8F7E-AC5C77E6F317.jpeg
    • 3C6A1292-016E-4324-8592-55D2D1E8214F.jpeg
  • Once these decals stick, they’re stuck, so don’t try to peel off if you can help it. Try to judge where you want it before actually getting the decal onto the surface. It will stick immediately, you can’t reposition.

    Run your squeegee over the decal again to press it hard against the surface for a good contact. Get rid of all the air bubbles if there are any.

    Once again use a peel/roll back motion with the transfer tape and go slowly and check to avoid any little decal bits lifting back with it.

    I press again over the decal with the back of my hand to make sure it’s flattened. All done!

    3 Attachments

    • 0B2C0C36-7255-4468-BD28-F60F24B6F759.jpeg
    • 22D98CE5-D640-49D6-9E68-A5D11A697D1E.jpeg
    • 7FFB7C63-DDF0-4259-A805-271D200BB88B.jpeg
  • great work!

    I'm renovating a couple of frames and wondered if you could do the following:

    Large (down tube ) words ie: Overbury's and some smaller decals for the frame (probably just letters)
    i would require this (different words) for each frame and possibly a simple picture made by my daughter to be made into a decal for 1 of the frames? (with some spares)
    Would i be able to choose the font?

    I'm wiltshire based - hope you can help!


  • Yep yep and yep. Swindon is Wiltshire’s weird relative they don’t invite to parties, so drop me a PM!

  • will do!


  • just another tip

    when your peeling off the transfer tape start at the corner and fold the tape over at 45 degrees, then roll the tape with your thumbs off the vinyl, hope this makes sense. also if the tape and the vinyl aren't parting easily it pays to let it dry first.

  • Great tip!

  • interested in a couple of pairs of retroreflective All-City frame logo stickers

    would require postage to NZ though... possible?

  • Totally possible, pm me! Happy to post abroad at cost.

  • Example of Moleman in-situ on a skate ramp. I forgot to weed between the legs!

    1 Attachment

    • 661F3F8A-AF74-4010-9300-F409F5742728.jpeg
  • All-City downtube decal, traced from their logo on the warranty pdf, since there is no good file out there already.

    2 Attachments

    • 9569BFBA-34C5-48EF-986E-0679EFD2051D.jpeg
    • 20952AA7-4E1D-4DE9-8B1C-2252A3164376.jpeg
  • I need some aerospoke decals. Need to measure how big they are on Monday.

    Think you can do something like this?

    1 Attachment

    • F72B5EEC-2DDE-4461-93DD-AA9BAC3B42AD.png
  • Yep. The bigger the image file the better, unless you already have it in a vector for me. Disc/Spok graphics will be no trouble.

  • Excellent. I’d like some HED decals cut using the excellent artwork @eskay did yeeeeaaaars ago. I’ll have a measure up and let you know what the size is.

    Question is, do I go for white vinyl as per OEM or go fluoro or reflective...? What have you got with sparkles?

  • I have the translucent frosted vinyl that looks almost invisible when stuck down, as well as the retroreflective silver, dayglow neon yellow.

    The white I have is very narrow at around 85mm. That means a cutting area around 75mm. I could make you a HED decal in multiple parts, or else only a small one. In multiple parts it wouldn’t be hell to line up, but you’d have the lines if you look up close.

    It was more intended for the smaller decals like names or tubing stuff. My HED wheel is in Germany now, but I’m quite sure it was over 80mm tall graphics.

    I could be persuaded to put the frosted glittery stuff over the dayglow and cut through the double layer. I could try the same with the white but it may look shit.

  • Thinking of removing my Lynskey decals, but don't want to be stung with to extortionate replacement fee + postage from US if it looks cack.
    Could you do something like this? In black or maybe reflective silver or something.

  • If you can find the template file, for sure. Looks pretty standard though.

  • Would also be interested in reflective aerospoke decals!

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Stickers for posers - custom cut vinyl decals

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