Mouth Ulcers

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  • I noticed randomly that Kids’ 3-5 Aquafresh 3 is SLS-free and is only very lightly minty. I haven’t tried it with an ulcer yet, but I fully expect it won’t burn like evil frozen minty fire like Aquafresh blue does

  • My father currently has a raft of ailments including colitis. Lately he's constantly getting very large ulcers which is debilitating! Is there anything which you've or anyone else for that, have found that help stop or at least reduce them?

  • I'm afraid not.
    It is colitis that I've got but thankfully I've not really suffered with the ulcers too much.
    All the best to your Dad, when it flares up it's fucking shit.

  • or at least reduce them

    The best solution i've found thus far is better management of them once they've arrived. Not slurping over poured tea straight out the kettle and laying of the sugary/spicy stuff helps. As does tooth paste and the way i brush my teeth. Basically i try and avoid all "fuck me that hurts moments". Being disciplined when you're feeling broken is far from easy but it does help.

  • Sodium laureth sulphate in toothpaste irritates the hell out of mouth ulcers. Find a toothpaste which doesn’t have it and you’ll reduce the irritation. Two I’ve found are Sensodyne and Kids Aquafresh. Go for the kids one because it’s got less mint in it and won’t burn as much.

    Treatment. Once they’ve flared up, there is only one effective treatment. This is a corticosteroid in oral paste called Adcortyl and it’s now discontinued in the UK. Go on eBay and get a tube of Trinolone or Kenacort which is the same stuff. Trinolone will be coming from Thailand and Kenacort from Turkey or over that way.

    This is the only stuff which actually works. Big blob on the ulcer over night, it’s really sticky and unpleasant but they’ll be gone after two nights. You can try Corsodyl as they begin to appear and it’s quite effective, but it will stain your teeth something chronic.

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  • Thanks, gents. Useful stuff!

  • Currently got about 15 of the buggers. Never had more than 1 at a time previously and I'm currently hating things.

  • It would be at this point that I would reach for Corsodyl mouth wash tbh. For single ulcers on the inside of lips or gums I use the corticosteroid paste, but outbreaks in the places where you can't stick a blob of paste need Corsodyl.

  • I've been taking it for the last 2 days, hopefully it starts to have an impact.

  • Jeez, that's awful, sorry to hear. Have you concluded if it's a reaction to something (SLS)? Like you i normally get one or two at a time and the only time i've had a breakout was a reaction to shit toothpaste. If you haven't already, stop eating sugary/spicy things and avoid overly hot drinks. Never had much luck with Corsodyl but good ol salt in warm water can help and with a couple paracetamol give some temporary relief.

  • I've never had anything like it before, hadn't quite appreciated how much it sucks.

    I had my second jab on Monday and had a fever all that night and Tuesday and the ulcers appeared on Tuesday. So it could be an adverse reaction to the jab or could be co-incidental. I've had symptoms similar to hand, foot and mouth disease, over the last month but never any at the same time so that doesn't quite fit either.

    Re food I've been on cool scrambled eggs and soup since a Tuesday.

    Will try the salty warm water swirl.

  • Just a heads up that eBay are having a crackdown on the steroid oral pastes being sold to the UK. You won't now find Kenacort or Trinolone unless the seller has been clever with the way they listed it. May be worth stocking up now before it gets too hard to get.

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Mouth Ulcers

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