Sad day! I snapped my frame

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  • Was thinking about this frame breaking just the other day. It’s been in the family since 1995 when my mum bought it for my dad for his 50th. Do you think it can be welded?

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  • I think it deserves to be welded. It's a cracking bike!

  • Yet another 90s Marin frame that's snapped there! Mine went earlier this year.

  • Yet another 90s Marin frame that's snapped there!

    Metal fatigue is a thing. Weld it!

  • Speak to bob jackson, woodrup or argos racing; get a new dropout on there!

  • When I posted it on the frame repair thread here a few people came back with the same story and the advice was that it couldn't be welded. It wasn't such a nice frame that it merited the cost of a new dropout and it's since gone for scrap (althoug hthe fork's up for sale if anyone wants it).

  • Hmm, thanks all, I would consider getting it welded although can’t do it myself. If a cheap replacement was available I think that would be easier but it was a really lovely frame.

  • Yeah you could totally weld that. Vee the crack out so the weld can penetrate and has got somewhere to go, weld it well proud so there's plenty of new metal on there and dress it back. I'd probably do a weld on both sides if I did it.

  • ^This.. did that to a old Kona and it worked great..

  • My GT Talera snapped there and it went to Witcomb to be repaired.

  • I'd go new dropout.

  • You can weld that and get some more miles on it but it's a pretty high stress point and the weld may break again.

  • That was partly my concern. I've not yet heard of one snapping on the NDS, so I wonder if there's particular stress on the DS that causes them to break there.

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Sad day! I snapped my frame

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