• Hello hello,

    I'm in the process of closing down our workshop in London Fields (E8) and have a bunch of stuff left over which I need to get sold asap.

    I'll post a couple of photos here but I'd recommend coming over for a look and a haggle. The workshop is (was?) in the Five Points brewery so free beer during haggling process. The more stuff you take off my hands the more free beer you get.

    Pics of pretty much everything:

    Super solid mechanic stools, office chairs, tables.....

    27L Ultrasonic parts cleaner - this thing is the mutt's

    Big parts washer with pump and heater (needs a clean)

    Workstands, bike storage stands, tools trays.....

    High power LED flood lights, waterproof and in great condition

    Work benches / grungy bar....

    White boards and pin boards and other boards...

    Ikea thing, bike wall mounts and hooks, Ass saver mudguards (HC branded), mechanic overalls...

    Cool shelf thing, pipes, tubes, long bits of wood with bike hooks in them...

    Steel industrial clothes rails, perfect for hanging bikes - each rail can take 8 bikes!

    Sony speakers, bike locks, picture frames, paper trays, modular shelving.....

    Paint, scaff bits, a shit load of various screws and plumbing bits....

    Heated blankets!

    Padded bike transport shrouds & covers

    2nd hand tires

    It's a fire sale....with beer. Prices are undetermined, just turn up and get a great deal.

    Viewing / Collection times are 9am to 6pm weekdays, and around lunch time on Saturday. DM for contact details to arrange a haggle session.

    Couple of rules - pay cash when you collect, no dibs or holds, no returns, no IOUs. If you turn up unexpected you won't get in.

  • Pm sent.

  • I should mention that there are multiples of the items for sale, for example I have 6 of the workstands. The one you see in the above pics may not be the one you get, however they are all in good condition and fully working!

  • Dibs a work stand

  • Dibs for me too

  • PM'd for a workstand

  • Dibs workstand please

  • And another DM(no doubt one of many)

  • PM'd re workshop furniture!

  • Quick update: I've had quite a lot on interest on the bike stands so I'm fairly sure they'll all be gone by tomorrow.

    I'll post an update of what's left tomorrow night, but my guess is it will be mainly furniture and bike wall mounts / hooks.

  • Updated the sale with proper pics of everything that is up for grabs ^^^

  • How much on the industrial shelf/shelving? Cheers

  • The shelving for sale is the medium duty blue one with MDF surfaces, it''s unbuilt in the photo and resting on a heavy duty orange/blue shelf (not for sale). The unit for sale has 12x 90*39.5cm shelves which can be arranged in a wide range of configurations. I believe each shelf is rated for 35Kg.

  • Price wise, i'd say £30 is a bargain. DM me if interested, I check that more often.

  • Also interested in a work-stand and potentially also shelves.

  • Update: All workstands now SOLD, Minoura vertical stand also SOLD.

    Still a lot of stuff left though!

  • All gone, thanks for the interest everyone :)


Fire sale: workstands, bike storage hooks & rails, workshop furniture, beer!

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